Style you Sunday: Super Bowl

While the Patriots aren't in this year's Super Bowl, I'll still be watching today in Florida at a BBQ. The game should be a good match-up, and there's always the commercials!

No matter who you are rooting for or why you are watching, grab your favorite team's jersey, slip on some comfy jeggings (let's not forget Super Bowl food), catch up The Who classics during your pregame, and enjoy!

Want some appez? Here are some favorites of me and my friends and recipes I found: spinach & artichoke dip, buffalo chicken dip, and pigs in a blanket.



  1. great little post. i am heading over to a friends house to watch.

  2. I love those flats, and what a cute way to look fabulous while watching the game!!


  3. Cool recipes. Thanks for sharing...Ill definitely be trying the pigs in a blanket!


  4. I LOVE artichoke and spinach dip!! Yummm!

  5. hmmm chips and salsa! Love me some greasy fried anything too!


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