I miss college

We made it to Cuse, and it was such a fun weekend! We survived the 4+ hour ride with snow/rain/sleet/sun and then immediately headed to campus to visit our fave spots. We didn't make it to the Cuse vs Nova big game, but the energy on campus and the giddy feeling of being back was well worth the trip. I miss it!

Sunny in Mass...

Rain/snow in New York, of course!

Yahoo, we made it!

Yum, fave sandwich spot.

My senior year house! It's had quite a face lift in the 3 years since I've been gone, if you can imagine, haha.

New bball center

Marshall Street- hot spot on campus with bars/shops/restaurants.

So excited to be back on campus!

The Quad

New statue- Dome in background

A frat shows their support.

Stay tuned for more pics of watching the game.



  1. Love the snow! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics!

  2. How fun, love the pics and looks like a beautiful campus!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time, Jaime! I'm kind of obsessed with your Senior Year house - it's absolutely adorable!! :)

  4. What a fun trip down memory lane! A cold trip! haha. Your senior year house looks like it's straight out of a movie!

  5. the campus is gorgeous! I've never been there. you had a sweet house senior year - nice! :)

  6. Oh my - that is a lot of snow!!

    I'm having a jewelry giveaway - stop by to enter! Maybe you'll have some luck again. :)

  7. I miss school so much too- I would give anything to have no responsibilities anymore.

  8. Nice information about campus, this really useful for me. There is nothing to argue about.
    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it. Thx.

  9. I love university reminisces! It's such a pretty campus too.
    I remember being very hungry during that time - and very skinny!

  10. I love this post. I think it's so pretty and college campuses are always some of the most beautiful places aren't they? Again, love your puffer coat!

  11. You would not miss college..so many good memories.

  12. Wonderful photos! I guess that brought back many memories.


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