A piece of me in...March 2010

I like: that it's almost spring!

I don't like: that tomorrow's Monday.

I want you to know: I have a good feeling about March... :)

I've planned: well, I've started to plan my 25th birthday in May, thinking an Alice in Wonderland theme?

I want to say to someone special: Happy birthday again Jenny Penny! :)



  1. Oooo, A in W theme is SO cute for your birthday!!! Yay! And I'm glad you're so happy about this month!

  2. Word up, Missy. I can't wait for Spring. I can't wait to go coatless. I can't wait to spend lazy afternoons at a cafe with friends reading the paper together, drinking lattes, etc. etc.

  3. LOVE the alice in wonderland themed bday idea

  4. I think the theme would be a great idea for you party....you guys so need spring right! I've heard how freezing it's been over there.

    xxx DJ


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