What I'm Wearing Wednesday and Warehouse Sale report

I learned 2 things at last night's Warehouse Sale:
  1. As much as I want them to, Paige jeans just don't fit me right!
  2. Surprisingly, William Rast jean's fit me AMAZING. Thus I bought 2 pairs for much less than the price of 1 :)
So last night I get home and I wash both jeans because I am so excited to wear them. This morning, I put on the dark jeans, zipper, button, and realize, I BOUGHT THE WRONG PAIR! My heart sinks, and I feel tears... you know that feeling of finding a great pair of jeans that actual fits WELL?! These were them, and at a fabulous price!!

I'll probably sell them at Second Time Around, but I want the ones I loved! I think I found at Bluefly- THESE are them :(

On that note, here's what I am wearing...
  • Old Navy blazer- $5 steal
  • JCrew purple sweater- style here.
  • Gap grey/white lace tank
  • Current/Elliot jeggings
  • Black suede DSW boots
  • Fo-lex Rolex watch- from the streets of NYC.
  • Necklaces: J disc from Macy's; Janna Conner purple & gold was a gift

What are you wearing?



  1. I've never tried on William Rast, but maybe I should. (I have one pair of Paiges but they're only for when I'm having a skinny day, haha). I usually only wear Joe's Jeans. And cute Fo-lex!! :)

  2. I love that necklace!!

  3. oooh :( I know the feeling, but at leats you found them at Bluefly!
    Love your necklaces! Today I'm wearing a DvF dress as my dad is here from Spain to go to an event and wants me to go with him...
    Have a nice day!

  4. You look adorable in your blazer and layered necklaces :) It's so hard to find jeans that fit... that is such a bummer they weren't in teh right size...

    I'm wearing... my loose fit Wood Wood trousers and a cardie from Cheap Monday... feeling very dark today!

    P.S. Giveaway of a quilted moto jacket on my blog... Might look great with those new jeans ;)

  5. Cute outfit! I love it, I really like the blazer look with jeans or jeggings. Sucks about your jeans :( were they the wrong color, style or size? I am sure you will be able to sell them! I'm a jeans lover so I understand finding the perfect jeans :)

    I'm wearing black skinny jeans & a red tee with peep toe wedges :)

  6. loveee william rast!!

    Merci beaucoup for the lovely comment darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  7. oh no. I went to a jean warehouse sale once and it was crazy but everything was so inexpensive I ending up spending $500.... : )

  8. Oh no so sorry you got the wrong ones. That stinks, but at least you look fab today!

    I love your necklace picks!

  9. I love your necklace Jaime, and I love the purple and grey mix, its super! Have a great day lady!!

  10. you are too cute. i love your 'what im wearing wednesday' posts.....

  11. that purple is a fab colour on you x

    Enter my Olivia Rubin giveaway:

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  13. here! i made a special post for you


  14. Sorry you got the wrong ones :( Love your outfit today, you look great!

  15. i can't believe that cute blazer was only $5!!! i love old navy!

  16. oh no!!! Saaaaad! I would totally cry too, especially over perfect jeans....did you try going back?

  17. With the cut and color and sweet price, that blazer was a super steal!

  18. love william rast.... they fit great and well, who doesn't want a piece of Justin Timberlake to wear? hahhah

    you look great!!! I need to come get a fo-lex... i do love a good watch!


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