Friday Faves

Up in the trees @ Manju Gone Blog
A treehouse restaurant, so cool!

Easter tablescape inspiration @ Everything Fabulous
The prettiest Easter the link for more.

Things I've learned in the recession so far @ Pink of Perfection
A refreshingly honest post about the recession.

Splendid Sunday @ secrets of domestic bliss
I love this indoor lemon tree- makes me think of my time in Tuscany.

Bringing outdoors in @ Little Blue Deer
Just love serene.

Coastal chic inspired @ Decor 8
Beautiful...can't wait for the beach!

I hope everyone has a great weekend... it's going to be 80 here tomorrow- woo woo!
I hope to be back to posting a bit next week too :) Thanks again to all the guest bloggers!



  1. thanks lover for putting me up again.....I am so in love with that photo. man.
    happy easter weekend sunshine. xo

  2. oh I love the eggs hanging from the branches ..and the vines on the bed!!! so cute.

  3. oh loving the tree so much!

  4. I hope you had a great frist week at work, hon.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my last post, I really appreciate it.
    Happy weekend :)

  5. i love the indoor lemon tree, too. i wish we had room to add one to our decor.

  6. A treehouse restaurant?! Love it! It reminds me a bit like the restaurant in the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride... but so much more classier! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    stay classy lady,

  7. The overgrown bed is heavenly!

  8. I loveee the treehouse restaurant that's awesome! as well as the vines growing on the bed! unique pictures!

  9. I adore the 2nd image. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Really luved ur post!! Happy Easter hun! xx

  11. love the love link! Hope the first week at work was fun darling
    Happy Easter xoxo

  12. We have a treehouse restaurant here! My roomies work there, too :)Happy Easter Jaime!

  13. Those are some lovely links! Thanks lady and happy weekend!

  14. 80 degress?! I am so jealous!!! I love that last photo btw, I want that in my bathroom asap ;)

  15. The treetop dinning looks incredible! This whole post reminds me of window curtains I saw in DC made entirely of folded paper cranes. Stunning.

  16. that bed is so cool, looks like something out of sleeping beauty!
    :D thanks for featuring my blog. and sorry im getting back to you so late, its been crazily busy these days :(

  17. Oh, I'd love to visit a tree house restaurant! Beautiful pics. Wishing you Happy Easter Days! x

  18. I would really love to visit that treehouse!
    Happy Easter!

  19. A treehouse restuarant truly sounds like the most magical place on earth!

    Happy, Happy Easter, my love!! :)

  20. Thank you darling for the link love!! Hope you had a sweet Sunday Easter..and a great week at work!!!


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