Friday Faves

Nautical twist @ lanalou style
Loving the stripes and ocean influence.

Sleep to dream @ the lil bee
Sighhhh. How dreamy?

Antony Gormely, event horizon, NYC @ Because I'm Addicted
My brother told me about this outdoor exhibition, so cool!

best things in life are free @ TangerineHearts
From picking wild flowers to snuggling, the best things in life are free.

 Platinum & Ivory wedding @ Style Me Pretty
So stunning!

From image to outfit: beach @ Little Bits & Blogs
Love it!

Mexico Wedding @ Style Me Pretty
Picture perfect ending to a beautiful 

Thank you all again for your bday wishes and well wishes this week! What a way to enter my next quarter-century. I am on my way to NYC for my brother's graduation.  Armed with antibiotics, I hope to be 100% soon :) xoxo Happy weekend.
PS: Thanks Katie for the Over the Top Award!



  1. Aww, happy birthday! Love all these beachy photos... can't wait for some warm weather around here, right? Have fun in NYC!

  2. Have fun in NYC! Thanks soooo much for including me in your "Friday Favs" list Jaime! I am in love with that platinum & ivory wedding from Style Me Pretty

  3. Love the 2nd picture! Have a fun weekend!

  4. Have fun in NYC and feel well!
    Love the shot of the dog & kitten - I am a sucker for cute animals ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. these links are rocking my image collection!:) love to you hunny. happy weekend. xo

  6. Ahh your first 'fave' just CALLED out to me, I have such a fever for nautical fashion :) I hope you have a 100% healthy time celebrating his graduation! Have an awesome weekend :)

  7. i love all of these, especially the nautical inspired clothing and that dreamy bed by the ocean. how lovely!
    i hope you feel 100% this weekend, and have a good time in NYC!!

  8. That bed by the ocean looks like perfection!!! I love the nautical outfit also and the puppy with kitten, adorable! Have a wonderful weekend. :)


  9. Luv ur post! Have a lovely wknd xxx

  10. Nice post! That photo with the dog & kitten is soooooo cute!!

  11. i love all these pictures! The one of the bed on the rooftop is breath taking! xoxo

  12. Oh, just imagine sleeping on a rooftop like this... Wishing you a great time in NY!

  13. i adore those thick stripes on that maxi. great list, my dear :)

    xo Alison

  14. Happy birthday! Thanks for this post. It gives me warm fuzzies. Haha. So much loveliness!

  15. Have a great time in my favorite city! (love Nautical inspired style so much too)

  16. I can't imagine either of my dogs letting a cat use an ear as a blanket.

  17. Happy birthday lady! This post was so lovely!

    PS - I totally want Elena and Damon to get together too. He's yummy!

  18. Love those nautical stripes at the top, and the beach pics! I must be feeling summery today!

  19. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love the beach outfit!


  20. Oh my gosh so much to comment on. First, I love the nautical theme, I'm very into that with blue as my favorite color. The second picture of outdoor sleeping is gorgeous too. And that puppy/kitty picture is adorable too. Why must they be so cute?

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  22. Those pretty little open toe heels are gorgeous! I love it!

  23. Love the stripes, the bed and that gorgeous wedding!


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