Kentucky Derby party

This year my friends and I finally had a Kentucky Derby party!  The weather was perfect for a bbq, mint juleps, and our very own derby.  Big hats were a must!

Friday night we decorated hats...
Admiring her work...



the finished products!

Then it was off to the races on Saturday...
all the fixins for the mint julep...which I was surprised that I liked!

All the ladies...front...

and back.

Then it was time for the derby...hobby horse galloping and flip cup!
The derby tourney board

Giving my horse a pep talk...

Competing against Lauren

The ultimate winners!

She saved the day with waters... :)

Did anyone else attend a Kentucky Derby party?



  1. I love it! This is awesome. Looks like you all had a blast :)

  2. You guys are THE cutest, seriously! (and I love Mint Juleps too!)

  3. hahah! this is awesome! you guys look like ya had a fantastic time! random horse race=great cause for a celebration

  4. Fun party idea!

  5. What a fun party - Love this idea and definitely going to steal it for next year. I played flip cup and won also this weekend!

  6. You girls look Gorgeous in your Derby hats!!
    How fun :)

  7. hahaha what a fin idea! well done girls!!!

  8. Sounds like a great party!! Looks like you had fun!!

  9. Thanks for sharing, looks like such fun!

  10. This looks like such a blast! What a great idea to have a Derby party.

  11. i love this idea.
    the hats are adorable.

  12. OMG so so cute!

  13. That is my kind of hat! LOVE them all!

  14. Soo cute! I so did not plan ahead for this but it was all that I wanted to do! You look adorable (all you girls do), I LOVE this idea!

  15. Hi Jaime, I keep seeing your name on some mutual blogger friends of ours and wanted to say hi. Your hats and this party were phenomenal!

    If only I had your talent, I have such a weakness for hats!

  16. Hats, hats, them!

    And dear ladies, you look absolutely gorgeous!

    Much love: Evi

  17. OMG that's too adorable! I've always wanted to go to a Kentucky Derby party! Acutally always wanted to go to the Derby itself but a party would be even better I think :)

    Love all the hats! You guys look amazing and it looked like a ton of fun!

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