Summer art shows

Now that it's officially summer, there are a few art shows that are on my to-see list.
First up, the "local" museums I plan to visit...

Salem, MA @ The Peabody Essex Museum
On view through July 18
For my Kennedy fascination...

New York City, NY @ The Met 
On view through August 15
I look forward to the annual Costume Institute exhibitions every year.

New York City, NY @ MoMA
On view through August 30
Not normally known for his drawings, I think this will be an interesting show, delving into the brain and artistic process of Picasso.

Now the shows that I can (sadly) only visit online...

Paris, France @ Le Petit Palais
On view through August 29
Fabulous, I'm sure.

London England @ Tate Modern
On view beginning September 30
Despite learning Gauguin from the worst art history professor (ever) in college, I'd love to see this show.

Are there any art shows you plan to see in your cities, or online-only, this summer that I should add to my list?

Blogging last year: Zipped!



  1. I definitely plan to catch the Moma exhibit for Picasso! He's one of my favorite artists! Enjoy the shows you make it too!!

  2. I would SO love to see the Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective in person - I imagine it would be amazing!! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these Jaime! I am inspired to look up shows now :)

    Love the Kennedy picture! xx

  4. Oh, these are exhibitions I would LOVE to see...especially the Gaugain and Kennedy and Piccasso...
    We have an exhibition coming over from the V&A to the AGO in Toronto...it;'s the MAHARAJA exhibition...I adore the paintings and costumes which were worn.
    That's not until late November...so if you're in Canada Jaime...come visit!

  5. The Kennedy show would be really cool!

    P.S. There's a giveaway over in my neck of the woods!

  6. what wonderful exhibitions...would have to travel from one to the other, hehe!


  7. Oooooh I need to see that exhibit at the Met!
    Fabulous post, darling J!


  8. If you go to the MOMA, I would recommend eating at The Bar Room at the Modern...they have the most amazing food!
    <3 Cara

  9. Oh what a great idea to do this post... Hm the ones I want to see are in the US. It looks like I'll need to fly over soon!

  10. i love the tate modern. one of my favorite museums of all time.

    there is an ansel adams exhibit here in phoenix and i am hoping i didn't miss it while we were in thailand!

  11. Will you be traveling to all these places?! I'd love to see The Kennedy's. I like looking at pictures of them on vacation. I can't explain it.

  12. Very cool! I have to hit up some more museums. I was kind of unimpressed by Boston's but whenever I am in NYC I go!

  13. oo, cool. i didn't know about that kennedy show at the peabody essex - i'll have to put that on my list! i didn't have anything on my art/museum list before but i wonder if the ICA has any cool exhibits this summer.

  14. You share my Kennedy obsession?! Can't wait to check that exhibit out either!

  15. ahhh, i love this post, definitely makes me want to go museum hopping. :)
    the met sounds wonderful right about now...

  16. I love the picture of the Kennedys. This sounds so interesting.


  17. that kennedy one sounds interesting. that family has always interested me.

  18. Art shows are so fun! We have another one soon in Pittsburgh!


  19. Oh, what a great idea! I should check out thew exhibits going on in San Francisco this summer-its only about an hour and a half from me. About two years ago in SF I saw an exhibit on YSL that was amazing! It had a ton of his actual designs on display. You never truly know how gorgeous and amazing his work is until you see it right in front of you!

  20. the kennedys!

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  21. great post! i'd love to be in salem!


    xo Alison

  22. AAAAANNNND I am totally going to the show in NYC!!

  23. Hope you see them all! you will have a lovely summer!

    Miss Neira

  24. Ooh I need to get out and visit more museums this year. It's always so fun. Good to know!

  25. I love that Kennedy exhibit. I wish I could see that. BUT I will get to see the Met one and I'm SUPER excited!

  26. awesome, I love a good art exhibit!! One of my more favorite was in Pennsylvania in 2005 - all images of Linda McCartney's as she followed the Beatles.. to cool.

  27. I typed horribly- *one of my most favorite art shows...

  28. Aaaah these sound fabulous! Happy Wednesday, hope you have a lovely day xxx

  29. Wow! From fashion to history and more couture - love it! If I were in NYC, I'd join you for a Costume Institute trip and some Magnolia Cupcakes!

  30. If I were in Paris, I'd be at that YSL Retrospective like nobody's business. My very favorite designer of all time!

  31. The American Women one at the Met looks great! Well, they all do...have funn!!

  32. This post is awesome. I now want to see all these exhibits. Time to Jet Set to Paris and London!

    Following you now :) xoxo

  33. I would love to check out the American Woman one! Looks really interesting!

  34. hmmm... i wonder which one I would want to see. :) ok- obviously the kennedy portraits- but the YSL one would be amazing!!!

    good find, jaime!!

  35. I can't wait to see the kennedy exhibit at the peabody essex and I hope I can get down to NYC to see the American Woman exhibit as well!

  36. i wish i could go all of them but at least i know i'm making it to the one at the Met... have fun!


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