What's in my bag tag

I've been tagged by both Katie at Fashion's Maven and Anna at Around the Way Girl, and I am FINALLY getting around to doing this post- better late than never, right? :)

So here is what is inside my bag that I've been carrying since my birthday, Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull MM...

  • Burberry wallet- "borrowed" from mom :)
  • Bandaids- I always have blisters on my feet from my shoes... these are a must
  • iPod
  • BlackBerry/CrackBerry
  • Kate Spade planner- I am old fashioned and don't use my BB calendar.
  • Notebook- got this from the lovely Ela, and I write lots of notes so I don't forget things.
  • Bobby pins
  • Small tissue pack
  • Gum- right now really liking Trident Layers Melon/Mint
  • Small hand cream
  • Sunglasses- these Ray Bans I won from Love Maegan's blog last summer.
  • Various lip glosses- I normally have at least 3-5 in my bag at a time lol- and Burt's Bees!
  • Small cosmetic case from Target contains
That's all folks!  Now show us what is inside your bag...

Oh and Happy Thursday... GO CELTS!!!

Blogging last year: "Who wears short shorts..."



  1. I am dying for your purse!! Oh, how I love it. YES!!!

  2. Very chic bag and contents, darling J!


  3. I love these posts! It's always fun to see what other people carry around. :P Loving your bag as well!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one with an "old school" planner, hehe.

  5. I carry the "old school" planner as well, there is just something about seeing it in "print"

    Thanks for the tag my sweets! I will post my bad Monday or Tuesday:)
    <3 Cara

  6. Good god I could live in that purse!

  7. I love your bag and the contents are similar to mine- a little bit of everything! Thank goodness for huge bags these days because I literally carry everything I own in mine.


  8. I LOVE big bags - you can always fit so much inside of them!! :)

  9. Love love it!! I love having a pick inside other people's bags :)

  10. Love love "what's inside my bag" post. I like yours, Honey!

  11. Ooh what a fun post! Love your bag.

  12. I love looking inside other bloggers bags! Yours seems so organised.

  13. Burt's Bees lip balm is ALWAYS in my bag. And I often permanently "borrow" things from my mama. HA!

  14. Love the bag! We carry a lot of the same things, down to the Crackberry :)

  15. These posts are fun! I got tagged on one of these, but I keep forgetting to put together the post. Hopefully next week!

  16. Girl, you've got a lot of stuff in your purse, lol. I have three lip products in mine: good old fashioned Chapstick, C.O. Bigelow gloss, and an awesome balm. A girl must be prepared!!

    Please come join my *Cupcake Challenge*, I promise it will be loads of fun!!

  17. love the neverfull! i have it in monogram

    great blog btw ! lovely pics
    id love for you to check my blog out
    and dont forget to enter in my giveaway- ends tonight!!

  18. SEE YOU IN AN HOUR!!!!!!!

    Also: I'm on a PLANE!!! What!

  19. That's a gorgeous bag! Love it! I'm just like you, I have to have a calendar and notes by hand, I just prefer it! XO!

  20. Great post! I absolutely adore your bag.

    Don't forget to enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  21. These are my favorite kinds of posts! I love this and you adorable bag!!

  22. sooo cute. cant wait to see the other girls...:)

  23. How adorable! Your purse is seriously FABULOUS! xo

  24. K... your purse is far more organized than mine, receipts always eat mine up haha. Love the band aids, I ran out today for the very reason you said you need them and worked all day in serious pain from blisters.

  25. i am on the hunt for the perfect planner...

  26. Love your bag AND what's in it! :D

  27. You are so organized! My bag is a complete disaster!
    I just got that same purple curve & love it!

    (FYI - I'm giving away a pair of BrooklynThread earrings - details are on my blog)


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