Fashion Blogger award

I received this Fashion Blogger award from the lovely lady behind Living Happy & Healthy 365 blog. I have to do the following and then pass it along!

1. Give your best style advice:
I'm going to give a few...
a) If you're not comfortable when you first try something on, you won't be later on. Trust your instinct!
b) Not all trends work for everyone. Know your style/body.
c) Confidence is key!

2. Show us your go-to outfit:
Right now- a summery dress & jean jacket

3. Show us what you can't live without right now (fashion-wise):
I'll do a few again...
a) these Lululemon leggings my friend introduced me to
b) my LV Neverfull bag- been carrying it since my bday
c) rompers!

I pass this along to...



  1. Congrats on the award, Jaime! Great style advice!

  2. Congrat's on your award! :)

  3. Congrats on the award Jaime, you're awesome!

  4. Congratulations on the award, Jaime! I truly could not agree more with your style advice - confidence is most definitely key!! :)

  5. Look at you! So cute! Congrats! I love those sandals - bummer you cant find them anymore!
    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e
    PS- so excited to see my pups up this afternoon!

  6. Congratulations! And thanks SO much for thinking of me, I am flattered! I'll do my best with the Q&A, I won't let you down :-)

  7. Congrats! What a fun one! I need those lululemon work out tights. I'm wearing the same old navy ones from 2000 and they are starting to smell...Gross I know.

  8. Congrats! Love your style advice :)

  9. Cute cute leggings and congrats!!! I came over here via Nikki's blog and cant wait to catch up!

  10. Congratulations on your award, Jaime! I love all the style advice and completely agree about being comfortable and that all trends don't work for all girls. I also love the lululemon leggings. I have 2 pairs of the black ones for the gym and 2 that I wear as leggings. They're the best!


  11. Congrats on the award! I need to check out those leggings, I am always looking for good ones! XO!

  12. Really fun tag, darling!
    Congrats on your award!


  13. OH MY WOOOORRDDD! ME?! You are the sweetest. You made my whole day!

  14. Love this and so true! trust your gut on the clothes. Love the leggings as well. Great ideas!

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