Show Us Your Soul

If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember seeing this Tweet about receiving a MinoHD Flip Camera.  A few weeks ago, Kia Soul contacted me and asked me to write a post about my “soul” and what I’m passionate about in life. They generously sent me my very own Flip camera, and I immediately got to thinking about how I can show my soul.

I first got to thinking about who/what is important to me, and clearly friends and family topped the list.  I thought about memories, times when I am happy, etc. and then it hit me, my favorite place, where I love to be- the beach.   From boogey boarding for hours even when the water is 50 degrees in Maine, to seeing my toes in the clear pale blue water in the Caribbean, to scouring for shells and walking the shores, to smelling that disctinct ocean smell and visiting beaches all over the world- the beach has special meaning to me in my life.  My times there carry some of the strongest memories of childhood and growing up. 

That being said, enough introduction- time to Show My Soul.

You can learn more about the 2010 Kia Soul at http://www.kiasoul.com/. Check out their Who's Next Project on and the ever popular hamster commercial, too. Thanks again to Kia!

Blogging last year: Pretty paper



  1. Love it lady! And you have the cutest feet known to man, I for one have always been a bit jealous, so I am so happy they made their blog debut!

  2. So fun, darling!
    Love those hamsters!


  3. That was so cute!!! And I'm with you about the beach being my favorite place :)

  4. This was so cute!!! I agree that the beach does bring such awesome memories to me too. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love that! Great idea. I know that beach smell you're talking about. Gets me every time.

  6. oh gosh, that is ridiculously fun!

  7. Oh wow. Lucky to be so close to the beach. Love the sea. Thanks for doing the Q and A on my blog. It's hard to pick just one/two faves so thanks

  8. You are lucky girl! That looks so fun!

  9. Great post, Jaime! Thanks for sharing this video with us:) The beach is one of my happy places, too:)


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  11. So cool! The beach def holds good memories!

  12. I wish I could see the video Jaime, it doesn't show up on my iPad! I'll definitely come back later to watch it on my regular computer!

  13. Cute!! The beach is one of my fav places too :)

  14. its fantastic honey! I love it!
    mom xxoo


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