What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Last week my roommate scolded (yup, scolded!) me for the poor quality of my photos- she said I had to get my act together and set up my camera on a tripod.  Well I don't have a tripod (brother, can I borrow yours?) and I explained that my room is just too dark the morning!

This morning was no different, as it was pouring as I was getting ready. I attempted to make my own tripod....
Exhibit A

Which produced this picture....
Exhibit B

Still dark, but I am getting there!  I am wearing:

  • AT Loft dress- on sale for $20
  • Ann Taylor cardigan- bought when I worked there
  • AT Loft leggings
  • Suede boots
  • Vintage necklace

Unknowingly, I am a walking AT ad today lol.  What are you wearing today?  Any photo taking tips for me? Do share!

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  1. You look lovely Miss AT and this photo is totally an improvement. I use Microsoft office picture manager and simply hit the "auto correct" button. It adds necessary light into the pictures. (Doesn't always make the picture better, but 8 times out of 10 i'd say it works to benefit the shot.)

  2. I completely understand you, it always feels so dark when I take photos and never look half as nice as I would like

  3. Lovely dress, darling!

    I am wearing:

    -black cashmere turtleneck
    -black mini skirt
    -black printed tights from Penti
    -red Marc Jacobs suede and patent ankle boots
    -red tweed Ronit Zilkha jacket
    -"chitin" JPG oversize bag
    -gold plated watch (Gucci) and ring by Chanel

  4. To the rescue... I have an old tripod you can have!

  5. cute dress. I never get photos right, it's hard...

  6. i'm a bum today - Juicy sweatpants, Juicy t-shirt, and C&C California sweatshirt jacket - all black - with CK flats on - hair in a bun .. i'm a wicked mess! i admit!

  7. Cute! I love your leggings with the boots.

  8. I have the same problem with my pictures. Your dress is adorable!


  9. Nice post, dear!;)

  10. wow you look lovely dearie! im esp loving your dress and boots! close up please!! :)

    p.s i hope you had a chance to enter my new giveaway here: http://onestylemile.blogspot.com/2010/11/le-mode-giveaway.html

  11. haha that is pretty bootleg :) funny!

  12. girl, I have no shame. I'm participating in the 30x30 challenge right now, and have my coworkers take pics when we go to get coffee in the morning. Natural light is the best!


  13. Cute outfit! I don't like asking my husband to take pictures of me (they're never flattering) and my photobooth just doesn't produce the right kind of quality. Hmmph. Anyway - today I'm wearing a bit of everything. I have an army green H&M sweater on, a cream colored ruffle tunic from Zara underneath it and my skinny jeans from Urban that are 2 years old. I wore my vans knockoffs with it earlier but my toes were frozen so I think I might need to put my brown blowfish boots on if I leave the house again!

  14. Hahah! I love honest roommates.

  15. I'm struggling with taking photos as well! If i cant get my boytfriend to photograph me I fail miserably!

  16. Oy I always have to ask someone else to take my picture and have it just so. It looks like a decent picture (ahh and with Picasa editing, even better!)

  17. It is ridiculous how obsessed I am with the Loft right now. You can find such amazing deals. Love your dress! Have you rocked your boots yet btw?

  18. that dress is so pretty! And what a great deal too :) You look lovely!

  19. Love your dress hun! No photo tips yet hun, I am busy working on all that at the moment. Today I am wearing a maxi dress, cardi, feather earrings and flat sandals due to my fall : ( xx

  20. Ah, you look utterly adorbs in this ensemble, Jaime - love it!! :)

  21. haha so funny, a girl with a plan! I like the outfit but not as much as I love the makeshift tripod :)


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