My Stocking: Dina from Dina's Days

Dina from Dina's Days is our final guest blogger for the My Stocking series. Check out mine on Christmas Day! 

My Stocking
By: Dina - Dina's Days

1. iWork for MAC: I've had my MAC for close to a year now with no software for writing or any type of creative projects. I'm all about the projects! So when I tried iWork for free for 30 days, I was hooked.

2. Just Dance for Wii: The problem here: 1) I don't even own a Wii. 2) A Wii won't fit in the stocking. But that's ok, I'm willing to own this game with the hopes of buying this piece of gaming equipment, or having a friend bring one over for a full dance party in my living room. If you own a Wii and have not played the Just Dance game, you must! It's absolutely hilarious trying to follow along to the dance moves of some of the best songs, and the next day I can assure you will be waking up sore like you just worked out the day before.

3. A massage gift certificate: again, one of those things I put off buying for myself. I mean really, how could anyone go wrong with a massage gift card. 

4. 2 Month (or more if someone is feeling generous) Training Sessions with a Personal Trainer: I've always wanted a personal trainer, ever since I started taking exercise "seriously" in college. We all know how expensive they can be, especially after you're already paying a hefty portion of your paycheck in gym memberships. For me, there's no better time than during the brutal winter months to have a personal trainer who will make me feel accountable and to get up off the couch. 

5. Moroccan Oil Hair Mask: I've never tried this before, but would love to. I've heard nothing but great things about the entire Moroccan Oil hair product line. 

Merry Christmas Eve eve!
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  1. Luv it...nice...

    Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays:)

  2. Moroccan hair oil? I must try this. My hair gets so dry and staticky this time of year!

  3. looking forward to see yours tomorrow!!! have a great day!!!

  4. Moroccan Oil is the only product I use on my hair. It's my go-to. Cannot wait to try their hair mask! Thanks for sharing, Dina and Jaime.

  5. I am giving my BF a massage gift certificate :)


  6. Thanks Jaime this was fun! Happy holidays!

  7. Fabulous stocking, Dina! I've heard so much about Moroccan Oil- I must try this asap!

    Have a wonderful & beautiful holiday, sweet J'aime! Hugs xoxo, Annemarie

  8. love dina! moroccan oil = fabulous!

    have a great holiday! :)

  9. I've seen the commercials for Just Dance & I've been wanting to try it lol

  10. Fabulous! Merry Christmas, sweetie! Hope you have the most wonderful holiday!


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