My Stocking: Jenna from Mi Vida Bonita

Jenna from Mi Vida Bonita is our second-to-last My Stocking...just 2 days til Christmas!

My Stocking
By: Jenna - Mi Vida Bonita

I'm a modern gal, that likes traditions. This felt, red stocking with polka dots is just the right mix of modern & traditional.  

1. Rebecca Minkoff double wrap pyramid bracelet- versatile bracelet with an edge; it's so cute.

2. Hello Kitty ornament- I have always loved Hello Kitty!

3. Juicy Peace Love perfume- I love this scent and am totally out of perfume..hint hint santa. 

4. Marc Jacobs Totally turnlock small french purse wallet- I've been looking for a smaller wallet, so that it can fit into all bags even clutches. This is the one! 

5. Bop Bijoux Chain Bar ring- This is such a cute double finger ring.



  1. I love all your picks. I love Hello Kitty too and want that ornament! Kori xoxo

  2. That Hello Kitty ornament is SO cute! I want one! And that bracelet too!

    The stockings are just making my wish list even longer! :P

  3. i absolutely love this series! you can see what other people want for christmas and maybe even think of something for yourself!!!

  4. I love this series too and am sorry I haven't been leaving too many comments...UK farmland has NO internet at times...and smetimes VERY slow!

  5. Ohhh that studded bracelet would look so good in my collection of baubles :)


  6. Love the ring!


  7. How cute!
    Merry Christmas dear!

  8. Ooh, I want that Hello Kitty Ornament - too cute!! :)

  9. That RM bracelet has my name written all over it!


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