My Stocking: Megan & Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls

My Stocking
By: Megan & Kristin - BonBon Rose Girls
Our stocking is just like us...sassy and fun! We do flatter ourselves don't we? HAHA.

Camera- Right now Kristin is still taking her outfit pics with a point and shoot...We would really like to change that!

Clutch- Our blog name means pink candy...In case you can't tell, we're girly girls which means we're suckers for anything that sparkles!

Megan is the cook, but Kristin really likes to eat, thus, we both love garlic. We know...Our poor husbands right? 

We would like this book and a Caribbean beach to read it on. Does that fit in a stocking?

There is nothing quite like Chanel polish. It has a wow factor that has never disappointed us! And isn't this color bad arse?

We would give all of these lovely items up to secure less suffering in the world. Dare to dream right?
Thank you BBR girls!  I will take the book and vaca too :)



  1. That is such a great list...I so want to try that nailpolish:)

  2. LOVE that stocking and Chanel polish. :)SarahD

  3. Ooo I'm reading the Girl who played with Fire now & I love Chanel nail polish!! Ooo what a pretty camera!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Thanks for having us! I think I need to play Santa and buy that polish for myself. HA!

  5. absolutely yes for all! Loved the books, definitely a must!

  6. I'll take the Chanel nail polish!!

  7. The chanel polish is amazing, the perfect hue for the holidays!

    PS Yay for fellow Boston bloggers! Just came across your blog and am following...feel free to check mine out and follow if you like it! :)


  8. The Stieg Larsson book is so worth it and I'll take some more polish too!

  9. that is a seriously stuffed stocking! Cute clutch and i so need a good garlic press.

    PS City Bar is still there! It's a separate spot just off the other side of the hotel lobby!

  10. I fully endorse the SLR and Chanel nail polish. Big fan!

  11. yayyy for cooking with garlic! :-)

  12. What a fun post. I think stockings are the best part of christmas.. any of these goodies would make my christmas great!

  13. I love these girls! Chanel polish? Yes please! I'll take the garlic too but only if it's fresh. :):)


  14. How cute are those BB Rose girls?! Love the Chanel polish... such a fun color! xo

  15. love the BonBon girls! i think Kristin should definitely leave the point and shoot camera in 2010. and i've read the girl who played with fire (and saw the swedish film) and they are both great.

  16. Love all of this...then again I love all their picks...we have such similar taste :) The nailpolish color is a must for the stocking!


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