My Stocking: Miss Yunks & A-Tooch from The Foodies at Work

Kicking off the final week leading up to Christmas, here is the "stocking" from the ladies-and sorority sisters of mine- behind The Foodies at Work!
My Stocking
By: Miss Yunks & A-Tooch - The Foodies at Work

For our "stocking," we chose to use an oven mitt!  Hung upside down an oven mitt looks like a Christmas stocking and is more appropriate for us foodies! We chose this one because it's the same pattern as Miss Yunks' apron! Our mitt stuffers:
1. 2 Plane Tickets to London - AT and MY lived together for a semester in London and always talk about going back to relive our favorite foodie moments and to create new ones! Our favorite local (to our posh flat) London eats? Yo! Sushi and Wagamama.
2. Giftcard for Cupcake Class at ButterLane. We both love this NYC Cupcakery! 
3. Fancy Jeweled Serving Pieces from this site. We don't have anything fancy to bring out when we're entertaining! A-Tooch has her eyes on the cheese spreaders and Miss Yunks could use a ladle!
4. Candy! The perfect size for a stocking stuffer - A-Tooch picks Peppermint Bark
Miss Yunks picks Haribo Gummy Pasta

Thanks girls!  Stay tuned for another blogging duo's stocking this afternoon...



  1. Yay we love how this looks! Thanks for asking us to guest post! Merry Christmas week!

  2. Cute guest blog post! I gave my best friend (who is obsessed with cupcakes) the apron that Melissa has for a housewarming gift! I'll have to get her the oven mitt to match!

  3. I have an apron in the same pattern as that oven mitt :)

  4. Ha! Totally appropriate for foodies, great idea!

  5. Aww I love that Oven Mitt with the cupcakes!! Butter Lane Cupcakes sounds soo good I'll check them out! I love Haribou candy too!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. I love the idea to use an oven mitt girls. great stocking picks! Can I come to London too?!

  7. Aww that oven mitten is so sweet! Hope you had a lovely weekend,sweetie

  8. oh, my all those yummy and lovely goodies! xoxo

    checked out my little Lanvin Giveaway already! I bet! ;)


    happy holiday!

  9. Great Christmas inspiration here! Love that oven mitt as stocking idea!

  10. That's such a lovely idea, I adore this oven mitt!

    Camila F.

  11. Fruity pasta? Oh, yepp definitely YUMMY!


  12. The idea for the stocking is too cute :)


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