Style you Sunday: Now and Later

One of my favorite features in Lucky is their Now & Later spreads- they take an item and style it for now (in February 2010 issue's case and relating to this post, now is cold) and later (later is warm). So, I flipped through the Feb issue and saw that they had this feature, and it inspired me for this week's Style you Sunday. I leave for a quick getaway to Florida on Friday, so I wanted to style a now and a later.

I took a Banana Republic vest that I actually own and created 2 looks for anyone taking a quick getaway out of this cold(!)- what I'd wear it with now in freezing cold Boston and later, in warm, sunny West Palm Beach. It's La vie...J'aime resort, sadly not Chanel resort. Enjoy!


Friday Faves

What it feels like to be a girl @ Little Bits & Blogs
Pictorial version of what it's like to be a girl. Yes, Ryan is included. Click link for more photos.

DIY project: hidden jewelry box @ Design*Sponge
Fabulous DIY, though I think a bit advanced for me.

Under 'da Sea @ From Me to You
Gorgeous, magical photos of otherwise icky jellyfish.

Window seat nooks @ Arianna Belle
Who wouldn't want to curl up in this spot with a good book?

Jersey Shore party @ Candyfloss & Persie
How can I not include this theme party? GTL. Click link for more guido/guidette glory.

I love this- inspires me for Florida trip next weekend.

So cool! Saw it here, here, and here too. Buy it here.

And if you haven't already seen it... the coolest save the date ever! Found via Lovely Happenings.

PS: Thanks to Jenna @ Mi Vida Bonita for the award :)


The Hasty Pudding Awards

Harvard's Hasty Pudding theater group honors a male and female celebrity every year for their Hasty Pudding Award, Man and Woman of the Year. 2010's awards went to Justin Timberlake and Anne Hathaway. Anne received her award yesterday. For each there is a celebration is an event consisting of a parade through Harvard Square & Mass Ave., some mock acting with the troupe, and a roast with the theater company- the group is still historically mostly men so that's why there's a lot of cross dressing. Looks like fun and love Anne's sequins!

Photos via


Back to reality, and reality is the same.

I survived day 1 back at the office. I treated myself to a skinny vanilla latte at Sbux after my insomnia (my late night tweet here). I've learned a few things about being sick and MIA for an extended period of time, and they are as follows:
  1. Nothing changes- Walking from the parking lot (see #3) to my office, it was ALL THE SAME. Except less snow and more people (convention going on nearby).
  2. Office shit, politics, whatever exists even when you are not there- This actually made me feel good because I guess I am not the only one spreading the misery, as I once thought! Even with my absence, my two coworkers still hate their jobs and continued in their misery whilst I was in bed. Upon my return, I am right back gossiping and whining with these two. That's what we do, GWD (gossip, whine, Drink), our version of GTL.
  3. When you are sick and have a fever for 10 days and normally commute to work via the bus, mom fears a relapse and bus strangers' germ exposure to your diminished immune system and offers to pay for parking for a few weeks- Thanks mom :)
  4. Choose the day you come back to work carefully- Thank goodness I chose to come back on a Thursday because that means....
tomorrow's Friday!

Design for Mankind always showcases little-known but highly talented artists. This post a few weeks ago really intrigued me, and I visited the artist's site and blog. I was going to post this look then, but got side tracked & then sick!

I figured better late than never, and the artist Andree-Anne Dupuis-Bourret's installations are really cool...

Inspired by Andree-Anne Dupuis-Bourret

Back to work today... more to come later!


What I'm Wearing Wednesday

I think this will be my last day out of work (finally!) because I haven't had a fever today ...woo hoo. I am still feeling not-so-great, but I am venturing out to CVS to get some more soup, ginger ale, and Vitamin C and to my dry cleaners to get stuff that's been there for over a month... oops.

Here's what I am wearing:
What are you wearing?


Ready to get LOST

If you're a fan or not, you may have noticed this countdown to the final season of LOST on my sidebar:

It's true, 1 week! Who's a fan!? Most of my friends are crazy about LOST, and we cannot wait. I remember last year in May when they aired the season 5 finale and we found out that season 6 wouldn't air until February. FEBRUARY!? It seemed like an eternity, and now it's almost here.

I promise this won't become a LOST blog, but if anyone is a LOST fanatic, feel free to comment after episodes.

And now the question that spans time, Team Sawyer or Team Jack?

I used to be all Team Jack. Then when Sawyer and Juliette were together, everything changed. Dare I say, Team Sawyer....?

Photos via


Savvy ladies at the SAGs

Who were your best dressed? Here are mine...
In Emilio Pucci

In Roberto Cavalli

In Malandrino

In Alexander McQueen

In Vera Wang

And these two, I am torn on...

I love the details and texture of Nicole's Oscar de la Renta dress, but it's all a bit much with the long hair and accessories.

This Jason Wu fits Diane PERFECTLY, but the color, I am kinda ...ehh...

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Photos via


7 things

Meaghan from Reaching for the Moon tagged me to tell 7 things about myself. Thanks and here we go...!
  1. I just booked a trip to DC, and I am excited to visit friends, wave hi to Obama at the White House, and see this show.
  2. I've seen Titanic, The Notebook, You've Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle all 2x in the last week (and had seen them all a million times before!).
  3. I hate making my bed.
  4. I had a cat when I was younger and his name was Rebecca- I was 3 and had already picked out the name before the cat... I guess I didn't understand gender quite yet... !
  5. I believe in fate.
  6. I always leave my dry cleaning at the dry cleaners for the 30 day max....speaking of, need to go pick up stuff.
  7. I am still sick!!!!! :( But feeling more alive to blog :)
I now tag any of my readers to share something about themselves in the comments!


While I was sick...

I was featured on the lovely blog, A Diary of Lovely. Blogger Helena asked me to participate in her My Stuff series, based on the column in Vanity Fair. Check it out here!

And the Novelista Barista gave me her Coffee Cup Award.

Thanks to both of you for including me! :)


the diary of the blogger with the flu

Day 1: bed & dead
Day 2: bed & dead
Day 3: bed & doctor
Day 4: couch and begin to feel alive again

So I got the flu. Totally out of the blue. I guess I am a poet now too. OK enough! At any rate, sorry for the lack of posts... I have legit been totally out of commission and bed-ridden. Not to mention having to miss 4 days of work and postpone a 2nd interview....

This all started Monday night when I dropped my friend from NYC at the bus and felt really ill and my head was on fire! We had a great fun weekend and it had to end this way.... with a 101 fever. And it stayed that way, all week, added to that body aches, chills, headache, sore throat, and loss of appetite.

I went to the doctor yesterday- it's the flu and I have to just let it ride... I feel a bit better today- thank god. So here I am. I am totally behind on all the blogs I read (my Google reader says 1000+ unread, heavens), but will try to catch up as I feel better this weekend.

This flu is nearly the same as the one I got last year in Florida in February. Luckily, the flu gods have spared me and gotten me sick BEFORE my trip this year. And with my loss of appetite, I can only think of the great Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada:

"I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight."

Just kidding, I miss eating things besides noodle soup and jello.

Time to join my puppy napping on the couch and You've Got Mail....
thanks for stickin with me!


Golden ladies of the Globes

In Valentino

In Dolce & Gabbana

In Christian Lacroix Haute Couture

In Dolce & Gabbana

In Oscar de la Renta

In Marchesa

In Bottega Veneta

In Valentino

These were some of my faves. Who were your best dressed?

Photos via & PopSugar


2010, the year of the gentleman


I Have A Dream

Four little words, and the world was changed forever.


Friday Faves

Hanging by a thread @ Plush Palate
Love this innovative idea for hanging photos, mirrors, etc.

Museum architecture @ CC Loves...
Fashion + art = love

Escape to Paris with Monica @ The Beauty File
The photographer behind Ciao Chessa! takes us on a magical Parisian journey through her photos.

First bloggy birthday giveaways @ Bon Bon Rose
Be sure to check out some fabulous- and quite the variety!- of giveaways to celebrate their blog's birthday.

Looking forward to Monday off, job possibilities, a visit from Mandy, and the Golden Globes... happy weekend!

Oh also, you may notice the poll on the left column... I am going to purchase my domain name and would love your opinion! Please vote :)

**Don't forget to donate to Haiti- Rachel @ Lovely Clusters has a great round up of bloggers who are helping raise money here.


Essie nail art

Essie's spring line invokes some art history faves...

Red Nouveau ~ Gustav Klimt/Art Nouveau

Van D'go ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Tart Deco ~ Tamara De Lempicka/Art Deco

Neo-whimsical ~ Antonio Canova/Neo-classical

Lilacism ~ Caspar David Friedrich/Romanticism

Pop Art Pink ~ Andy Warhol/Pop

Thanks to and inspired by Spoiled Pretty's Essie post


Wedding weekend: random photos

Some random wedding photos that didn't make it into the other posts.

The welcome bag for guests at the hotel- with lots of Boston goodies.


and a champange toast.

NYE cocktail party for wedding attendees.

Bride and groom ringing in 2010

Mom and I before the ceremony in the BHH lobby.

Getting ready to walk down the aisle...