Happy New Year's Eve!

Cheers to a wonderful - and safe- evening ringing in 2011!

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2010 in review

January: My year kicked off with my stepbrother's wedding: getting pretty, the ceremony, the reception.  

February: A busy month of traveling, I went to West PalmDC & back to Cuse!

March: This was an exciting month. I won a contest with local tv show StyleBoston and filmed a segment at H&M. It was fun, but seeing yourself on tv is nerve-wracking!

And, after 18 looooong months, I finally got a new job, with my official first day being March 29.  I showed you all first week outfits

April: Annual Marathon Monday Red Sox game- tradition!

May: another busy month- I turned 25 "in Wonderland", Kyle graduated, & LOST ended :(

June: I moved. This was pretty big. As a result, new What I'm Wearing Wednesday photo locations, new roomies, and the opening of new chapters for me.
July: Celebrated our nation's independence the best way us Bostonians know how,
on the Cape!

September: Spent Labor Day in ME (avoiding the hurricane) and ran my first- hopefully not last- 5k!

October: NY bookends- first weekend: my college roomie got married in Lake George area. Last weekend: I went to NYC for Halloween.

November: Big family trip to Arizona & annual Baste Friends Forever Girls Thanksgiving.

December: The holidays.... and reached 350 followers- THANK YOU! 

 What a year....and 2011 is setting up to be a busy one too!
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Orange in the Big Apple

I am off to NYC today for New Year's Eve celebrations and to go to the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium.  For the first time since 2004, Syracuse football is going bowling!  So very exciting for us Cuse fans, as though our bball team is kicking ass, fball has been a sour subject.  We're back this year and off to face Kansas State in the first annual New Era Pinstripe Bowl.

Thank you, Amanda, for getting us tickets....GO CUSE!!

PS: Pray I don't freeze...orange pashmina = school pride + warmth! :)


2010 resolutions: 2009 redux

Last year, I posted things I "resolved" to do in 2010...they were:
  • Continue to look for a new job and try to make due while I am still at my current one
  • Get active again, whether it's at the gym, practicing yoga, cleaning the apt, or shoveling snow
  • Try new things, whether it's a "cooking" a new recipe, reading a new book, meeting new people, etc.
  • Find love, however it comes to me
  • Travel someplace I have never been, whether by car, foot, or by plane
  • Let surprises happen, hopefully mostly good ones(!), that lead me to something special
Most of these items I actually did!  
  • Not only did I continue to look for a new job, but I got a new job! (thank goodness)  
  • I stayed active- helloooo, running the 5k? 
  • I tried new things- forays into dating, read new books, more attempts at "cooking", making my small screen debut for StyleBoston, rode a segway, etc...
  • Find love- hmmm, not so much
  • Traveled to Arizona- that whole state was a new adventure.
  • Surprises- they always happen, right? There have definitely been many- meeting new people, friends being engaged, my brother moving back to Boston, the feeling of actually really liking my job...to name a few.
So ya, besides finding love, I'd say I did pretty well!  So for 2011, it's time to work on the one thing that I haven't "resolved" to obtain yet.. and continue pursuing the ones that I did.   Oh, and continue to be me.

What are your 2011 resolutions?

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Christmas weekend scenes

Molly and lots o'presents

I cooked! Meatball recipe- so easy!

Boxing Day car crawl...the blizzard didn't stop us!

Scavenger hunt items: baby Jesus, huge Christmas tree, Christmas sweater, get someone to sit on your lap and say what they want for xmas

Snow day drinks and bowling!

How was your xmas weekend?


Happy Birthday Kyle!

At this time, 12:58pm, 23 years ago my little brother was born.  A Christmas baby, I was busy playing with my toy kitchen with my grandparents to even think about my new brother. That was until he came home... 23 years later, he is one of my best friends.
Love you so much, Ky! xoxo


My My Stocking & Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope Santa was good to you and enjoy your day with family & friends.  Here is my My Stocking for 2010 (and my My Stocking from last year).
(had to show some love this year...stocking from Target)

1. A personalized bookplate stamp- isn't this cute? and a good way to keep track of my books.

2. Gold hamsa bracelet from Brooklyn Thread- I have eyed this for a while on Joanna's blog.

3. an iPhone- but it has to come to Verizon first...

4. Squash blossom turquoise necklace- these were EVERYWHERE in Arizona. Gorgeous but very expensive.

5. J.Crew gift card- I never cease to love nearly everything each season. Why not get a jump start on spring?

Thank you to all the bloggers who participated in My Stocking this year!  Relive the series here.


Friday Faves: Christmas Eve edition

Living in Charlie Brown Christmas @ Design*Sponge
One of my faves to watch every year.

Roly-poly Santas @ M Loves M
Too cute!

Holiday tablescape inspiration: a golden seaside Chrismas @ Everything Fabulous
This is right up my mom's alley...


Peppermint marshmallows @ Cupakes and Cashmere
May need to try to make these for my nightly hot chocolate with Ms. Mac.

The Christmas Royale Cocktail @ Mrs. Lilien
Easy and yummy!

Play it again Sam @ Cafe Fashionista
Holiday version of her weekly music post!

Merry Christmas Eve!