What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Trying to bring WIWW back into regularly scheduled programming... tonight I am going to StyleBoston's first ever Fashion TweetUp at the Four Seasons' Bristol Lounge.  I will share more pictures tomorrow of the event, but here is what I am wearing...
  • J.Crew wool shift dress- from last year
  • Charlotte Russe necklace- last seen here
  • Ann Taylor maroon tights
  • Macy's gray booties
  • rings from Anna Belen and H&M
  • earrings from Bobbles and Lace
I am starting out my day wearing my flowery rain boots as the slush/snow/ice is out of control in Beantown.

What are you wearing today?

Blogging last year: Golden ladies of the Golden Globes
(PS: re-reading this fashion wrap-up from last year...there was a lot more glamour in 2010, I'd say)



  1. Cute dress, darling Jaime!

    I am wearing:
    - black chauffeur hat by Wolford
    - Dolce & Gabbana tweed scarf with oversize bottom
    - leopard woolen coat from Zara
    - brown leather gloves
    - brick red ribbed turtleneck
    - grey pencil skirt by Zara
    - ribbed woolen tights in grey
    - green oxford shoes
    - Jean Paul Gaultier "Chitin" oversize bag
    - gold Chanel ring and vintage Gucci watch

  2. love it! i don't know why i didn't realize you were from boston! will you be at the swap tomorrow?


  3. the slush and the ice is out of control. Cute outfit, have fun tonight.

  4. Cute boots! They'll look great with that dress. Hope you have a warm jacket, I'd freeze!

  5. VERY sweet...have fun!
    Thanks for passing by today...we have crazy snow here too.

  6. Love the dress. Love the boots. Love your style!

  7. I love it - especially with those maroon tights!

  8. Cute!! I have boots similar to those, but haven't figured out how to wear them!! Can't wait to see pics to get some ideas :)

  9. Love it! And so perfect for a blogger meet up :) Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun!

  10. Fabulous outfit!! I love the dress. :)

  11. I love it! and I am SO jealous that I can't wake it to the tweet up since I work until 8pm. My new jobs sucks for all weekday events. Kinsey will be there, hope you girls have fun!

  12. so so cute!! I love that dress and necklace!!!

  13. Ooo can't wait to see what the event was like!

  14. Have fun at the event, sounds fun :)

  15. Lovely look, darling!
    Especially digging that necklace!


  16. GAH! Those booties are fantastic! I need them!

  17. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I absolutely love your outfit and hate to say that, since I am freelancing/job hunting I wore a hoodie, jeans, and down slippers all day. I will be back to this site for inspiration to dress cute again!

  18. So great to meet you tonight, Jaime! I'm adding you to my google reader right now. :)

  19. Love what your wearing. I'm wearing sweats-ha but earlier I had on my new faux fur vest and sweater dress.

  20. Ever single woman should have a great black dress.. You have the perfect one..
    Its gorgeous
    Lovely boots too
    Lee x

  21. Love that dress. Perfect choice for meeting other bloggers.

  22. The outfit was even cuter in person! It was a total pleasure to finally meet you in person.

  23. Ah, those gray booties are adorbs! I hope you had a blast at the Fashion TweetUp!! :)

  24. I bet you looked amazing...can't wait to see pics! I am still in yoga pants this morning, LOL!

  25. Nice black dress:)

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