What I'm Wearing Wednesday: fur makeover

A few summers ago, I purchased a mink coat at an antique store in Maine. I am not one that owns any real animal products, besides leather shoes/bags...but this coat was from an estate sale, and due to an extra discount at the store, I got it for around $40.  The lining was ripped, but other than that, the fur itself was in pristine condition.  I loved the big buttons too.  After almost 2 years of searching, I finally found a fun lining to make this coat a bit more modern: a pink, silk, vintage lining for $2!

Before Christmas, dropped the coat off at our local tailor to be relined, and $100 later....

the coat is finished! Considering how much real furs cost, I made out well at around $160.  I wore the coat this weekend on a day trip to the ICA and Newbury St. with my brother.
(it was a bit sunny lol)

I am wearing:
  • remade fur coat
  • Louis Vuitton Damier birthday purse
  • scarf from Nordstrom
  • black jeggings from Old Navy
  • diamond studs
  • Not seen:
    • black WANTED booties
    • black/white striped top from Banana Republic
pics by me and Kyle

Blogging last year: Collage: LOST



  1. It's beautiful and looks so warm!! It looks great with the jeggings too!


  2. LOVE the outfit Jaime!!!
    I have a mink jacket too which needs lining...good to know the cost!

  3. Great retrieval of a beautiful item. You look very snuggly :-)

  4. oh so pretty Jaime, fun and you look lovely!

  5. your coat is beautiful Jaime!! i love that you lined your jacket in pink silk :)
    you got a really good deal on that altogether. great pics!

  6. Great find, Honey!

    I am wearing:

    - woolen leopard coat (Xmas gift from my parents)
    - Dolce & Gabbana tweed scarf with oversize botton
    - brown suede gloves
    - black quilted Bays by Chloe
    - gold plated bangle watch (vintage Gucci) and CC ring (Chanel)
    - grey sweetpants
    - leopard chiffon bow-tie blouse with CC pin
    - grey cashmere long sweater from Chanel (vintage)
    - old dark brown ankle booties from Mango


  7. That is so awesome, good job! I would never even think to get a new liner, haha :)

  8. You look so pretty:)

  9. That's so amazing! You did a great job.

    So funny because yesterday I was talking to my stepmother about fur. Her mother had offered me a mink hat passed down from her mother-in-law which i guess would make it my step great grandma or something. And my stepmother wanted to know my take on wearing fur. I said I would never buy new but I would definitely wear vintage :)

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous coat and I love that you did the lining in pink!

  11. The coat turned out great!

  12. I love it! Very pretty. What a deal.

  13. It looks beautiful!!! It's amazing what a new lining would do! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  14. Such a great idea add pink to the interior of the coat. I love it!
    Well done.

  15. Ooh- I love it! And I bet it's keeping you super warm, too.

  16. I love that fur coat, it turned out beautiful! It's funny, I have an old fur coat that an ex-boyfriends mom gave me probably from and estate sale as well. I wonder where it is?! Probably way up in the back of my parents attic somewhere!

  17. thats amazing what you did with the coat! sounds like a fun and stylish weekend!

  18. Such a great find! I'm not big on new fur but I love finding vintage fur! Relining the coat is an awesome idea!

  19. hope i'm not too much of a hard sale here. but my friend and i always do custom-made orders too. drop by our shopand check out our stuff. we can also follow your pattern too either by customizing the size, color, or material. give us a go!



  20. Looks fantastic, gorgeous girl! xoxo

  21. You did such a great job, sweetie and you look amazing! Happy Thursday

  22. Oh it looks lovely! Don't know if I could had over that much much for lining a second-hand coat though! I'm really scabby, lol!

  23. Ah, you look so fantastic, Jaime!! :)

  24. You look fantastic, Jaime! The coat looks so warm and cozy!

  25. awesome story behind it, I think if you didn't buy it new, it's a little more okay (that's what I tell myself about my accidentally purchase fur shawl from a thrift store). I think those pics are pretty of you!

  26. Gorgeous coat and project. I think buying vintage fur is totally OK and I love a good make over. The coat looks gorgeous!


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