What I'm Wearing Wednesday

It's a heat wave in Boston this week... low 40's today/tomorrow and then in the 50's on Friday! Looking forward to hopefully getting the new iPhone today at lunch and seeing my friend for dinner. 

I am wearing:
  • Ann Taylor Loft green shirt
  • Anlo skinny jeans
  • Bronze vintage necklace
  • Banana Republic suede boots- I got these for a major steal for $23!

In perusing some NYFW pics, I noticed how Victoria Beckham styled a few of her looks with similar looking boots...
I think I spy a red sole...Louboutins?

What are you wearing today?

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  1. Love the outfit. Super cute and girly yet casual. I loved my Valentine's Day outfit: white dress, berry colored tights, black blazer!

  2. Such a cute outfit and I adore your boots:) Im wearing grey jeans and a green tee:) Kisses and hugs darling

    Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for spring!

  3. Friday is going to be in the 50s? Woohoo! Monday was absolute dream.

  4. woohooo - i'm going out tonight as well - i was gonna go with a denim on denim outfit - but now i'm thinking i wanna wear my faux fur vest that i only wore once before it get's stored away - so i'm going to work the faux fur vest thing tonight - still figuring out in my head what i wanna wear with it ...

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  5. Those boots are amazing!

  6. LOVE the boots. It was like 55 here the other day and my neighbor had his shirt off...

  7. great boots, top and necklace. love it all!

  8. what an AMAZING deal on those beautiful boots!!!!
    jaime, you have to give me the review on the iphone for verizon! i've been contemplating it when some more $ rolls into my life, haha. particularly for the ipod component too, since my current ipod which i've had for over 5 years is on its last legs :(
    i'm wearing that printed blue dress/boots that's in my blog post today!

  9. Such a great outfit Jaime! And I adore those boots.. xo

  10. Cute look! Are you getting the iPhone for Verizon? Let me know how it works out for you!

    xoxo Maria

  11. This outfit is perfect for today's weather. I, too, was ecstatic to have the luxury today of leaving hats and gloves at home!

  12. Love it! We're having a "heat wave" here too. I got dressed up today. A black and cream leopard H&M dress and mid-calf boots.

  13. I CANT believe you got those boots for only $23. SO jealous! That is such a fabulous steal :)


  14. OOO let us know what your Iphone review is!

  15. Jaime, those boots are so cute! Enjoy the "heat wave!" I'm cracking open all my windows tomorrow! xo

  16. What a bargain those boots were Jaime. Heatwave.... its still freezing here in NYC. Well for me anyway.


  17. Wearing a grey body suit from Rag & Boone, ready to go to an art fair!
    Hope you are doing good out there in the cold!

  18. darling outfit and you're right - very similar to the outfit you found! your boots are very stylish!

  19. super cute!! I can see it on you but the picture also helps :) Loving the boots.

  20. all your collection is very cool and better so nice and helpful for me i get new idea about fashion about ladies fashion very nice


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