Boutique Week 2011- Boston

Saturday 4/17 kicks of Boutique Week Spring 2011. Select stores in major cities like NYC, Chicago, Boston, and Miami, will be offering 25% off selected items in store.

I was excited to hear about this week of deals and a few of my fave Boston stores are offering the discount- Injeanius in the North End and Raspberry Beret in Cambridge.

Here's how it works- go to and sign up for a unique discount code, which is then emailed to you. When shopping, tell the shop(s)- listed on the website- the code and receive 25% off.  Easy enough!

Have you shopped during Boutique Week before?

Thanks to Rana for telling me all about Boutique Week!

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  1. What a great idea..I wish I could go shopping right now! I'm hosting a linkup tomorrow for Fashion Fridays...hope you can join us honey! Have a great Thursday! Kori xoxo

  2. Sounds like a good excuse to buy some new summer clothes ;)


  3. That sounds like a great idea and I wish I would be in one of those cites:) Have a fantastic day, darling

  4. Seriously, thanks for this!! Haven't heard of it before now & super excited!

  5. Great scoop, Jamie!!! Thanks for letting us know - I did not know this was happening!

  6. fun!! no, I never have but I think I'd be into it!!! Though I understand it will be a online experience :)


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