What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Birthday edition

Thank you all so much for the bday wishes yesterday! My birthday festivities began Saturday night with drinks and apps at the Met Bar.  Thanks to the gift certificate I won at the StyleBoston & Bristol Lounge Tweet Up this past winter, my friends and I enjoyed champagne, fun drinks, and yummy apps.

chocolate cake birthday shots

Here is what I was wearing:
  • Ann Taylor LOFT moss green sequin pocket tee
  • Tory Burch skirt- xmas present from mom
  • red clutch from TJ Maxx
  • H&M earrings
  • Amrita Singh gold bangles
  • Nine West black booties
Sadly, I came down with some sort of sinus infection/48 hour bug and was sick with no voice on Sunday and Monday. I did get cheered up with gifts from my family and friends. 
Hello new Revas

Justin Bieber bag that may or may not have contained tattoos, stickers, and a 3D cup... (obsessed much?)

Birthday dinner Kickass Cupcakes and spiked hot chocolate at Local 149

A few new reads and desk accessories

Overall it was a great birthday and I got my voice back in time to say- THANK YOU :)

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  1. Bieber bag?!?! You have good friends :) It looks like you had such a great time - I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Everyone seems to have big smiles on their faces, so I'm guessing it was a blast!

  2. this looks like such a fun celebration! love all your gifts

  3. how cute! love the red-flower ballerinas! xoxo

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic time celebrating your birthday!
    Although, I can't help but wonder if you're now covered in temporary tattoos of the Biebs. Lol! :P

  5. Happy belated Birthday!! So happy you had a great day!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  6. Awww...yayay! I'm so glad you had a fabulous birthday, Jaime! :)

  7. Looks like you were treated like a Queen! Love that skirt, what a nice Mama ;)

  8. Im glad you got your voice back and were able to enjoy your birthday!

  9. Happy belated birthday! Great presents :)

    I've been wanting to hit up the Met Bar. Did everything with the gift card work out?

  10. Looks like a fabulous birthday celebration! Happy belated Birthday lady! I love Met bar, they have something for everyone there and the Paris burger? Helloo, my fave in the city. A must try.

  11. Love Ur skirt and the red ballerinas! :)


  12. Umm... I love that you got a Justin Bieber bag. You are so adorable/ridiculous. ;)

  13. Ooooh chocolate cake shots! Happy birthday, it looks like it was an amazing one!!!

  14. Happy Birthday! =) I love your new Burches!

    Miss Neira

  15. Happy belated birthday!

    And chocolate cake shots sound yummy!!

  16. Glad to hear you had such a fabulous bday! Love your new foot candy!

  17. your birthday sounds like it was soo fun. i remember when you won that gift card - looks like it was put to excellent use :) chocolate cake shots sound outrageous good!

    i'm glad you're feeling better and i adore those red flats.

  18. Happy belated birthday hun! Looks like you had a awesome day! Mwah x

  19. I am sure that turned into a fabulous party with all those shots!! Yeah! and happy BIRTHDAY!

  20. I am sure had a fabulous night.. Awesome pictures.
    Gorgeous outfit
    lee x

  21. Happy belated birthday! It sure looks like it was fabulous. I'm dying for one of those cupcakes right now!

  22. Happy Belated bday!! Those red flats are gorgeous...love them! Looks like a super fun night too!!

  23. First off Happy Belated.Secondly, I just finished the "Bossypants" audio book and it's fantastic!


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