Golden Bracelet Trio

Although I love jewelry, I was never been much of a bracelet person, mostly because I have small wrists; bangles and cuffs were always too big.  In high school, I was all about rings and wore them on nearly every finger. In college, I was on trend wearing chandelier earrings of various colors and metals. Now, I am into the easy, carefree look of layered bracelets.

My go-to look was perfected when Anjolee generously sent me this gemstone bracelet.  I was able to choose the amethyst stone with yellow gold and customize to my size (helpful for my small wrists!).  This new one creates a trio with my Alex & Ani 'Path of Life' bangle and gold bead bracelet my mom made.  I love the dainty quality of the Anjolee bracelet.

Thank you to Anjolee for sending me this bracelet! Check out their gemstone bracelets and customizable options.

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  1. Thanks Jaime! You made the perfect trio of

  2. I too suffer from small wrist syndrome and bangles never fit! I do love the layered look though.

  3. these are so cute! Im a big bracelet girl!

  4. I love all of them and I'm a big fan of layering bracelets! The look fab! :)

  5. Cute cute cute! My wrists are too small for bangles and cuffs, but these look parfait!

  6. I've had issues with the size of bracelets as well...they really should rethink how they size bangles! These are very cute :)

    xoxo Maria

  7. So very cute, love those bracelents!

  8. I have exactly the same problem! I always tend to lose all the bangles, and when I found one that fits I buy it in every color! Yours look absolutely amazing!
    I´m so happy that I´ve stumbled upon your stylish blog! Definitely following :)

    xx Ivana

  9. Those are too pretty! I have tiny wrists, so bracelets always fall off - these look small enough to stay in place. Cute!

  10. I have the same problem with bangles but I finally found some that fit at H&M.
    Anyway, your bracelets are gorgy!


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