Weekend scenes: future Mrs. A's Boston shower

Over the weekend I threw a small shower for the future Mrs. A (see her bachelorette & Maine family showers). It was a small group, just 13 of us, and I had such fun planing it with my mom. We made all the food for a sit-down lunch, and I crafted items to add special touches for the bride. The theme was daisies that started with her invitation that my brother made and translated through the paper products and flowers.
Table setting

The bride's place setting- I used Paper Source paper daisies & dragonfly stamp (the bride loves dragonflies) for each place setting.

Mason jars were used on the table for water...

and for the favors.

The favors were the dry mix for Irish soda bread. Each guest got one, and all they have to do is add the wet ingredients. I got the mason jars at Christmas Tree Shop.

Another project that I did was a wish jar. Guests wrote wishes for the bride and groom and put them in a mason jar. I decorated the lid with a paper daisy, dragonfly stamp, and stickers. The paper was from A.C. Moore that had September all over the back in different colors & fonts. I cut up into smaller pieces and stamped each with the dragonfly stamp. Guests used a gold marker pen to write the wish.

The tropical sangria drink was home-made! We used sauvignon blanc wine, brandy, sugar and cut up pieces of mango, pineapple, and peaches. We made it the night before to soak overnight, and the morning of, topped off with soda water. So good!

The dessert bar was make your own berry shortcake.

 She got some great gifts!

The bride with her bowquet and the bowquet-maker extraordinaire!

Boston ladies

Now for the future Mrs. A, the big day is all that's left, and it's just around the corner!



  1. you did such a great job with this. everything is so personal and creative!

  2. Looks like such an awesome time with the girls! Love the favors!

  3. Cuuute! Love the daisies at each place setting!

  4. I love the mason jar/bread favor - so creative and useful!

  5. super cute! I love hosting showers!!

  6. What a great friend you are..and such sweet details on the shower!

  7. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE, LOVE THE DETAILS! I feel like you're always in weddings Jaime, I'm sure you have all this down pat now- how lucky your friends are! I love the jars the most.

  8. Great photos!;)

  9. so sweet... and i love the wish jar!!

  10. How lovely, darling!
    You are such a fabulous hostess!


  11. So many great details! l love her dress, too. And that oven mitt really cracked me up!

  12. how cute and creative are you!! what the plate adornment! you have some talent there girl. new follower :-)

  13. You did such a fabulous job, Jaime! I love all of the details! You should go into event planning :)

  14. Wow you are so good at organising all that. The little touches are beautiful

  15. Aww this is so cute, I love the theme of daisies! And that sangria looks delicious!!


  16. How cute! And that sangria looks AMAZING, yum!

  17. that tropical sangria sounds sooooo yum!! xo

  18. i love the daisy place setting too. you are such a stylish hostess. : )


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