The A's Tie the Knot!

Saturday's wedding in Maine....
welcome bucket at the hotel
church rehearsal

rehearsal dinner

my hair style

getting made up

the bride getting her hair did!

lovely bride and bridesmaid/cousin

my hair

the AMAZING flowers- here's the florist's blog post

"first look"

they are hitched! in the trolley to the reception

taking photos by the beach

my MOH toast

Syracuse love

It was such an amazing weekend...congrats to the newlyweds C&G! 

Stay tuned for the DC wedding pics tomorrow.



  1. What a gorgeous wedding! I love how your hair turned out, beautiful!

  2. aaaw your hair was amazing Jaime! congrats to the lovely couple!

  3. How gorgeous! Jamie you go to more weddings than anyone I know! And they're all so fabulous. How wonderful to be surrounded by such good friends and love :)

  4. This looks like it was a really lovely wedding. I want to get married on the beach!!!!

    Your hair looks really pretty. How did the MOH toast go? I'm so nervous in front of people that I hope I never have to do one!

  5. Yay! I love the first look photo! Looks like a fabulous wedding on the beach!

  6. GORGEOUS wedding! I love all the details and flowers. Such a gorgeous setting

  7. Beautiful!! I love the bridesmaids dresses! Your hair looked awesome! =) I love beach weddings!

  8. What a beautiful wedding! Glad you shared!

  9. it looks beautiful!!!!! The wedding is PERFECT and I love that "first look" shot as they're on different sides of the wall. Love your hair too!


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