Friday Faves

DIY Painted Pumpkins @ Creature Comforts
Something different from the typical carving of pumpkins..check out the entire DIY.

Emotional baggage tote @ Design for Mankind
Just love this.

Fall Style @ A Spot of Whimsy
Now I am ready to put away the summer clothes...

Santorini Wedding @ Style Me Pretty
Beautiful, amazing, envy-worthy!

Harvest Party @ exPress-o
Cute fall-themed collage with recipes.

Pumpkin bread pudding @ Cupcakes and Cashmere
Love pumpkin. Love bread pudding. Must make.

Can you believe it's the last day of September? Enjoy your October weekend! I am celebrating 2 friends' birthdays Saturday night and packing for my work trip to wine country! I have a few guest posts lined up.  Have a good week!



  1. Hahah I love that bag, so perfect!

  2. Wow, definitely much prettier than your average pumpkin! Love it :)

    -Laura xox

  3. Thank goodness fall is here!
    Have a fun weekend :)

  4. hope you are having fun at your bday party! that emotional baggage bag is funny :)

  5. cutie pumpkins! ps how is it possibly october!?

  6. I totally want to recreate look #3 of your fall inspiration looks!

  7. Cool photos! First picture is very amazing!!:)

  8. Love the henna print pumpkins! Not sure if I have a steady enough hand to pull that off but it's beautiful!

  9. wow, those pumpkins are gorgeous! I like them much better than the traditional fall decor items.


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