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A strong shouldered trend is emerging as the weather changes from summer to fall. At recent events, Katie Holmes (in Calvin Klein), Lea Michele (in Michael Kors), and Kate Bosworth wore halter dresses, but with a twist. I tried to think of a way to describe the neckline and came up with "racerfront" (from racerback but it's in the front).  I love this spin on the traditional halter, and it's so flattering in various colors and fabrics.  I found a few options to show some shoulders in everyday life.

Sexy curves from Forever 21

Classic modern from Nordstrom

Conservative chic from Marc by Marc Jacobs at Bluefly



  1. Wow I love all these dresses. Lea Michelle looks amazing!


  2. loved Katie Holmes, i know some people hated it but I thought it suited her plus its a beautiful color!

  3. I love Katie's dress too...but...Nordstrom's is pretty too...thanks for all the choices, I have never been an off the shoulder kind of girl...but these are options I would try!


  4. loving this trend. (though i think that dress looks weird on Kate, but the other two look great!)

  5. Love this look! I'm a big fan of racerbacks. For some reason they make my not so great arms look good. Wonder how this would look. Defintely have to give it a shot :) xoxo

  6. I know not everyone was into it, but I loved Katie Holmes' whole look: the hair, the color of the dress, the minimal make up. She just looked... "pretty" and sometimes that is enough!

    This shape reminds me of my favorite bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal, the Y-Neck style. I have been seeing it everywhere, and I totally get why!

    Love the post!

  7. Racerfront is the perfect term for that. I think it would do bad things to my heavier top half but I like the way it looks on Ms. Bosworth!

  8. Yes, the Nordstrom dress is my favorite! Have a great week!

  9. oh man. i love shoulders. and collarbones! so stunning.

  10. Love the look. Might have to go get one while it's still warm enough to wear a dress!

  11. Just purchased a dress with the same neckline! I think it's so chic and sexy yet sophisticated!

  12. i'm a big fan of this neckline too, it's really pretty and i love how it shows off the shoulders. i only have 1 dress like this, but since it's an emerging trend, hopefully i'll start to see more like it in the stores.


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