Weekend scenes: wedding in Vermont

Wedding morning at Stowe Mountain Lodge

Bridesmaids gift bags- with a necklace, bridesmaids case, pashmina, and these inside!

Beautiful bouquets

Bride & bridesmaids shoes and wedding dress & veil

One last cheers before heading to the ceremony

Walking down the aisle...

My mom and I at cocktail hour

Some of the wedding party

Table setting

Walking out for their first dance


A memorable bathroom trip... (thanks mom for this pic! haha)

The bride and I at the reception.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. L!



  1. Beautiful photos! I can't believe how much the leaves up there have already changed!

  2. oh this looks like a beautiful wedding! and the bridesmaids goodie bags look fantastic :)

  3. Hi there, sorry its been a while I have been having huge tecy problems with my blog, love this post everyone look so happy! Sharon xx

  4. I love weddings....they make me happy!
    Thanks for sharing Jaime.
    GOOD times seemed to be had by ALL!

  5. What a gorgeous wedding. Love the scenery and those dresses were lovely.

  6. Oh my God Jamie, I've been going to Stowe since I was 11 years old and have a few family friends there. Am missing it so much as haven't been back in a few years but am still holding out hope that my parents might buy a place there some day and loved looking at your pictures, bridesmaids bags look so cute! My favourite place is the Green Mountain Inn and that's been my wedding dream to marry there since forever!xx

  7. So beautiful!!! I love that bs background, the place looks so amazing!

  8. What a beautiful wedding!! Those bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous. And I LOVE my gold glitters TOMS-- hope you enjoy them too!

  9. what an amazing setting. omg the foliage! you look great.

  10. Those bridesmaid totes are simply fabulous! Looks like a gorgeous affair!

  11. What a perfect spot for a wedding. Beautiful bride and beautiful bridal party!!! I love the scenery!

  12. aww...love wedding parties! looks like you had a wonderful time and such wonderful dresses, too! xoxo


  13. Love the beautiful photo of you and Mom! The setting of the Vermont mountains is stunning! So glad you had fun. xo

  14. So sweet! I went to a wedding there last year and it was so beautiful. Vermont is a special place to get married.

  15. lovely pictures jaime! katy got married a few weeks ago in new york and gave all the bridesmaids a monogrammed tote too!

  16. The entire event looks amazing! The bridesmaid bags are adorable, I want one!


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