Guest post: Fall Faves

We're honored to be guest posting on La vie...J'aime. Hello Bostonians! And shout out to readers from everywhere else!

We're Melissa & Natalie, co-founders of The Boston Day Book - a site dedicated to fun and adventure in Beantown - plus great food, trendy styles, and many more exciting finds thrown in the mix.

We love Jaime's "Friday Faves" series so we decided to share a few of our current “Fall Faves” with you.

1.  Pumpkin Beer: When we take a sip of Harpoon's UFO Pumpkin, the sweet and spicy flavors immediately make us think of crisp Fall days and the crunch of falling leaves.


2.  Apples: Apple picking, apple pies, or just taking a bite of an apple fresh off the tree. Nothing captures the spirit of autumn more than this seasonal fruit.

3. Sweaters: As the temperature drops faster than the trees lose their leaves, we reach for our coziest knit sweater. Anything soft and oversized is perfect for keeping cozy while out and about enjoying the fall.

4. Bangles and Bracelets: What pretty arm candy! Even though we're wearing long sleeves these days, that's not going to stop us from layering on our favorite pieces of jewelry to keep up with this current trend.

5. Sunrise Walks: Now that the sun is setting earlier, we are trying to soak up every minute of sunshine. Although neither one of us is a true early bird, we love the peace and quiet during the early morning hours. We love taking our dogs on a stroll around the neighborhood.

6. Traveling: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall...No matter the season, we always seem to be afflicted with the Travel Bug. Adventures up next? A weekend in Chicago for Melissa and then both of us from the BDB will descend upon New York's Finger Lakes for a wine tasting adventure.



  1. that picture with the sun behind the trees is AMAZING.

  2. I recently got invited to go apple picking on FOUR separate occasions, lol. I guess it's the thing to do this time of year :)

  3. I love pumpkin beer!! And sweaters! And everything else! :)

  4. Love apple picking and even better apple fritters! delicious ~Jen


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