There is nothing I would not do for 
those who are really my friends. 
I have no notion of loving people by halves, 
it is not my nature.
--Jane Austen

I saw this quote on That Kind of Woman, a Tumblr blog I follow. I immediately starred in in my Reader, as it really rings true for me. I have always been one to have a close-knit, great group of girlfriends. They are so important to me, because really, what is life as a girl without other girls to gossip, cry, laugh, and generally enjoy life with?  Tell me about your best friends.



  1. I miss my gfriends who are all back in Toronto; but there's always room to make new friends!

  2. I totally love this, and its totally true! I have met so many wonderful women in my life, but my close group of friends has remained the same for over 20 years.

  3. Best friends are like family :)

  4. so sweet. you can tell how close you and your gfs are. <3

  5. I have best friends who are scattered all over now since i've moved a lot, that is sad!

  6. That is such a sweet quote and it's so important to have great friends:) Muah, sweetie.

  7. I've been with my bestie since 2nd grade..when I left my husband she dumped her whole schedule (she's a doctor!) and flew up the next morning to pick up the pieces. I can't say enough for a good friend.


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