WIWW & Haute Fashion's Boston Fashion Blogger Panel

Tonight I am excited to be speaking at Northeastern's Haute Fashion group's Boston Fashion Blogger Panel! I will be joined by:

Beyond Boston Chic blogger Martini
Boston Fashionista blogger Kristen
College Fashionista blogger Siobhan

If you are in the Northeastern area at 7pm, stop by!

And since it's What I am Wearing Wednesday, here is what I am wearing.

What are you wearing today?



  1. Does that sweater have sparkles in it??? Ooooh. Guess I'll see ti tonight - looking forward to it!

  2. Ooh wish I could go see you speak! And you'll look gorgeous in that dress! I'm wearing a black dress from H&M and light brown tights and a scarf!

  3. love every single part of your outfit! have fun speaking on the panel!

  4. So excited for you guys and SO upset I can't make it!! Trying to get my little NU brother to attend but unfortunately fashion isn't his thing haha. Enjoy and good luck!

  5. Ooh... good outfit choice! I really wish I could be there. :( Have fun!

  6. Look at you - all professional and awesome, talking at Northeastern! I like it.

  7. This is very exciting! I wish I can be there at Northeastern! I'm sure it'll be fun! I love your outfit!

  8. Love the outfit! Check out my blog! http://fashionfauxpawz.blogspot.com/

  9. I covet that jacket/sweater - but I told you so tonight :)
    Great seeing you in person!

  10. cute!! So great, I hope you'll post some pictures of it and let us know how it went!

  11. Congratulations girl, supercool, and dig those boots!

  12. Love that jacket! I love how it looks with the LBD!

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  14. What a super news! :)

    I wore:

    - grey woolen cape
    - Levi's dark blue denim jackett
    - Zara brown and orange floral dress
    - flower embellished handmade boots by Sam Edelman
    - Mulberry brown Edna bag
    - black Chanel gloves
    - Prada plexi watch
    - Emilio Pucci sunglasses

  15. That's really awesome - congrats! Wish I was in Boston area! :)

    Great outfit too!


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