My Stocking: Helena from A Diary of Lovely

Today's My Stocking is from Helena whose blog A Diary of Lovely always features beautiful and inspiring images.
My Stocking
By: Helena - A Diary of Lovely
1. Kate Spade Bow Ring: I would love as much to get it as to receive it, it's pretty, fun, and adds the perfect dash of glamour to any outfit.
2.  Diptyque Candle: I don't tend to spend THAT much in candles, which means I would love to receive something this calibre, and I know most women would enjoy it too, it's a classic after-all.
3. Cartier Love bracelet: This has to be the ULTIMATE stocking item, just perfection!
4. Etsy calligraphy stamp: Personalized gifts are pretty and thoughtful, and this is one of the nicest address stamps I have seen lately.

5. Amazon gift card: No matter how amazing FAB gifts are, an Amazon gift card is going to be a hit with everyone! 
Great picks- thanks, Helena!



  1. Love the ink stamp, I'm in the market for one as I recently moved & love the font on that one.

  2. I want the Cartier love bracelet too! So pretty!

  3. I'm sending my husband this post with the title I WANT THIS STOCKING!

    LOVE these picks, especially the bracelet. I put it on my list (along with the Tank watch) every year just to be a pain in the butt :)

  4. those Cartier bracelets are so cool! I'd love one or a ring!

  5. I've wanted a Love bracelet foreveeeeeer. They are so pretty.

  6. I love stocking fillers. The bow ring is adorable! Happy holidays. -xo

  7. that kate spade bow ring is so far beyond cute!

  8. Wouldn't a Cartier love bracelet just be divine?! Ahh and I have spent so much at Amazon (online shopping rocks!)

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