My Stocking: Jacin from Lovely Little Details

I recently discovered Jacin's blog, and it's become one of my daily reads. Here is Jacin's stocking!
My Stocking
1. David Yurman earrings in the perfect shade of blue topaz. A girl can dream, right?
2. I think my iPhone would feel so much prettier if she lived in one of these j.crew cases {I'm partial to the gold, but love the kelly green too} :)
3. Dear Santa, I've been good this year. I think my future dog that-we-don't-have-yet-but-I-hope-we get-for-Christmas would need a vineyard vines leash, don't you?
4. No holiday is complete without fleur de sel caramels from The Caramel Jar on Etsy! 
5. I have been eyeing this Nixon watch for quite some time now. Love it!
6. A j.crew giftcard will get me that much closer to purchasing my kelly green lady day coat.
7. {stocking image credit: The Purl Bee}

Lovely picks; thanks, Jacin!

PS: The Top It Off Ruana scarves giveaway winners are: Emily from So Anthro (gold) & Meg from Henning Love. Congrats! Email me your addresses, and I will send the scarves out.



  1. I agree on the salted caramels..ate a bag myself this weekend;)

  2. I've been wanting that j.crew iphone case! It's fabulous :) xoxo

  3. love those phone cases! I need a fun one these days, white is so boring!

  4. I also love the tortoise shell watches - they look so elegant.

  5. i love this blogger stocking series!!!

  6. Oh, that watch is so pretty!


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