My Stocking: Jessica from bedknobs & baubles

I started reading Jessica's blog Style Obsession a while ago, and now she has a new blog, bedknobs & baubles that I've added to my Google Reader. Here's her My Stocking!
My Stocking
By: Jessica - bedknobs & baubles
The best things come in small packages and sometimes they even come tucked into a Christmas stocking. When I was growing up, Santa would fill my stocking with holiday candies on Christmas Eve, but there was always a little gift hidden beneath the sweets. This year, I'd love to find something to make the rest of the holiday season sparkle.

1. A chic patent leather belt to cheerfully cinch those holiday sweaters ($34.50). 
2. Research material for New Year's Eve cocktails. If you don't know how to concoct a Brandy Alexander, you're seriously missing out on the most wonderful dessert drink. This book will teach you how to make it ($50). 
3. Who needs to break open a festive popper when you have the rhinestone equivalent of confetti draped across your collarbone? This necklace is a definite splurge at $398, but it'd make a festive statement at every soiree next year. 
4. If you're toting a clutch barely big enough for the essentials, you need to ask St. Nick for this little wallet ($59). It's an easy way to keep your iPhone, credit cards and cash organized in the smallest of purses - and you'll definitely use it well into the new year. 
Happy Holidays! 

Thanks, Jessica! That drink sounds yummy and I have that wallet on my list too. :)



  1. oooo thank you for sharing this! I'll definitely be checking out her new blog this afternoon!


  2. What a great post! I'll have to check her blog out soon. And thank you so much for your kind words! Happy Holidays!

  3. Um, I love that wallet. I NEED something like that badly. I am going to check this out more.

  4. Is that "Vintage Cocktails" book? That has been on my list forever and just featured in my Bookworm Gift Guide. Love this series!


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