My Stocking: Katie from Fashion's Maven

Today's My Stocking is from a blogger I've read for a while now..Katie @ Fashion's Maven!
My Stocking
By: Katie - Fashion's Maven

Stocking: Given that I'm a huge Alabama fan and a UA alum, a Bama stocking seems fitting. Is a polka dotted Bama stocking supposed to be for kids? Probably. But I still think it's fun :)
1. Nook Color: I'm admittedly horrible at keeping up with technology, but I know I want an e-reader. Now because of the being horrible at keeping up with technology thing, I have no idea what the difference is in any of them but my mother in law law has a Nook and loves it, so I'll go with that. Plus they have really cute covers!
2. J.Crew Dream V-Neck SweaterI've had a picture of a sweater just like this on my inspiration board for months now. I love the neutral colors, I love how much wear I know I'd get out of it, and I love that it's reasonably priced J.Crew so I wouldn't feel bad about how much was spent on it. 
3. Prada CandyThere was a sample of this in Marie Claire last month and I immediately fell in love with it. I don't think it's sold anywhere but Neiman Marcus, which is a problem for me since I live in Alabama. Oh well. I can keep dreaming :)
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Katie Turnlock Ring1) It's Marc Jacobs 2) It's Rose Gold 3) It's my name. I think it's fate.
5. iTunes giftcardI have an iPhone, an iPod, a Macbook and an obsession buying music and apps from the iTunes store. This is practically a necessity for me! 

I hope you get the Nook and a cute case!



  1. What on earth - is that a ring? So interesting.

  2. that ring is pretty cool. and love the sweater! (would it fit in a stocking?!) hehe.

  3. Oh, I adore all of these little finds! Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday. Take care!

  4. Thanks for inviting me to do this again Jaime! :)

  5. Katie-I will take one of each please!!! How adorable is that sweater.

  6. I do really love that Marc ring, I have the turnlock wallet and I am obsessed! That is perfect.


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