My Stocking: Megan & Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls

Just a few days left until is the stocking by the ladies behind BonBon Rose Girls.
My Stocking
By: Megan & Kristin - BonBon Rose Girls

This Pottery Barn stocking has a touch of glam that appeals to both of us BonBon Rose Girls!
1. We would love to see everyone be a little kinder this holiday season. A kind word goes a long way! 
2. This "Manhattan" Kate Spade cocktail ring is right up these NYC lovin' gals' alleys!
3. Even though we're rockin' out in our thirties, we're still just kids at heart and we would have a blast playing this tic tac toe game together! A couple glasses of bubbly wouldn't hurt either. Haha
4. If you know us, you know we each have a BIG sweet tooth and if we don't have time to make some bark, Williams Sonoma's Peppermint Bark would save the day!
5. We're both total accessories addicts and would love to receive another scarf to add to our collections! We love this bright, cheery number from Shop Frankie's!
Thanks, ladies!



  1. I love Kate Spade. Such cute packaging! From Brooklyn with love ~jen

  2. Awesome one today! It looks like the BBRG ladies and I have very similar tastes!

  3. I could eat a tin of that peppermint bark....daily!

  4. This feature is so fun! I love that Kate Spade ring.


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