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Wordless Wednesday: Brownies with cookies @ Vanilla Sugar
Remember these cookies? These are next.

Hats off to the Brits @ Rock Paper Scissor
Fun collage of Philip Treacy's best.

Strawberry tea @ Fashionzine
Love this photo spread and her outfit.

Inspiration Board #34: 1930s Glam Circus @ Green Wedding Shoes
Loved the book; love this collage; liked the movie.

Happy royal wedding day and have a great weekend!

PS: I scheduled this post earlier than normal because I figure you'd all be up earlier than normal :)
PPS: Don't forget about the special NuMe discount package!

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Collage: royal wedding

Top L: Will & Kate image via
Top middle: champagne cupcakes via With Style & Grace
Top R: wedding procession map via this is glamorous
Middle L: Diana and Charles image via this is glamorous
Middle middle: John Lewis wedding commemorative tray via Escapade
Bottom L: union jack pillow image via Elements of Style
Bottom R: image via Pinterest

Looking forward to tomorrow's royal wedding- finally!  This is the Super Bowl for my mom and I, and we will be up early tomorrow watching with scones, jam, and tea (coffee for me too).   In case you are wondering, here is a handy royal wedding tv schedule I found. I think I'll be up right around 5:30am.

Ahh..I can hardly wait to see what dress Kate wears!  

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NuMe Ionic Dryer Review

A few weeks ago NuMe contacted me for a review, and after perusing their site, I knew I had to try the Ionic Dryer for two reasons. First, my Babyliss dryer I've had for about 6 years, while it was cutting edge when purchased, it's heavy and getting old.  Second, I loved the zebra pattern.

NuMe complimentarily sent me the dryer, and it arrived quickly after coordinating with them.  The packaging was very sleek, modern, and matched the vibe of their website.
NuMe ionic hair dryer review

After opening the box, I was anxious to try and immediately lifted it, pleasantly surprised at how light it is. I was also glad that it has a concentrator to direct the air, which my other dryer had too.   The only thing I was confused about was why there were two concentrators. I would've loved to have a diffuser add-on.

The dryer claims to cut drying time by 40% and beat frizz, and I can say that this is true. My hair is thick, and I have a lot of it. Drying can take me 20-25 minutes depending on how wet my hair is. Using the dryer a few times, I was able to dry using the NuMe dryer in about 12-15 minutes, on average. I also found that I didn't need to use my straightener as much after- just few a few touch ups.

Overall, I am very pleased with the dryer.  I will admit that it is a bit pricey. It would probably be something I would ask for as a birthday or Christmas gift. 

Check out NuMe for more products and their blog.  Thanks again for sending along the Ionic blow dryer product!

Update! NuMe has graciously offered a special discount for La vie...J'aime readers. The discount applies to this package with a straightener, curling iron, accessories, and hair products valued at $500+!! Click here to view. Enter LAVIE11 at checkout from now until May 13 to get for $90.


Guest post at Behold the Metatron

Whle Kris is off in Barcelona, I am guest posting today on her blog with my travel essentials. 
Hope you pop over and check it out! :)


Bright Eyed

I've been wanting to try this spring's bright eye makeup trend ever since Refinery 29 posted about bright shadows last month.  I bookmarked this page for inspiration, and on Friday, I dug in my makeup drawers for NARS Emmanuelle- a shimmery, red shadow (looks more red in person than the pic here from NARS' site). Using Sephora's Eyeshadow Transformer, I created a red liner and love how it turned out.

I also found a red liner by Make Up Forever at Sephora; they also have other brights that I'd love to try (like the fuschia).

Will you try this make up trend?


Friday Faves

Colorboard #36: Earth @ 100 Layer Cake
Inspired by this color palette.

Primary colors @ The Soho
Pretty collection of photos- click link for more.

Office and dressing room: elements and details @ Love Maegan
Fabulous space & items she has.

Rustic Easter @ Amy Atlas Blog
This is the cutest cupcake. 

Budget friendly San Francisco wedding @ Snippet +Ink
I love her dress & bird cage veil, as well as these pics among the birch trees.

Have a great weekend, and if you are celebrating, Happy Easter!

PS: Thanks for the comments, RTs, and support for 27 and 1 Dresses! :)

Blogging last year: Earth Day 2010


Earth Day Interview with Avni

In honor of Earth Day, I had the pleasure of interviewing Boston-based, eco-friendly designer Avni Trivedi. Avni's self-titled line, Avni, fuses the designer’s Eastern heritage and Western lifestyle. Avni offers unique, contemporary clothing, and all fabrics are 100% hand-dyed and woven according ancient, environment friendly techniques. Launched in 2010, Avni is already being carried at boutiques across the country, including close by in Rhode Island.

1. Tell us how you started out as a designer and launched Avni.
I have harbored a strong passion for textile arts for as long as I can remember. My mother and I used to scout out artisan fairs for hand-embroidered fabrics from little villages in Western India. We would make innovative traditional clothing from these fabrics that created a unique wardrobe with lots of interesting stories and details. When I moved to the U.S., I had a strong feeling of nostalgia that kept bringing me back to my passion for hand-made clothes. I started to sketch designs that would amalgamate my strong passion for traditional textile arts and western fashion, and that was when the idea of Avni was born.

2. How does the hand-dye process work? 
The hand-dye process begins with the creation of the dyes from herbs and flowers.  The drying process can take a few days after which the dried ingredients are powdered and ready to be used for the coloring. For our textures we use Japanese Shibori techniques that make our garments unique and elegant. My artisans and I are always playing with colors and textures, and a lot of our fabrics are derived from this fun experimenting. 

3. What/who inspires you?
There are three things that inspire me: culture, music, and people. I am very inspired by folk and artisan culture, including traditional garments and jewelry. I love to travel and have enjoyed observing cultural nuances in rural India, Egypt, South Korea, China, Japan, and Turkey, to name a few. Music has always been a driving force for my imagination and helps me formulate the look and feel of every collection. Last, but not the least, is my inspiration from people. I like to bring out various characteristics of women in my designs. Our Warrior Queen collection was inspired by the contrasting aspects of a woman's personality. The 'sweet' and 'spice', that makes each woman unique, strong, and passionate.

4. Who are your favorite designers?
I absolutely love Donna Karan’s style. Her drapes and elegant silhouettes are very inspiring. I also adore the eclectic designs of Hussein Chalayan, especially his take on Japanese culture. Eileen Fisher continues to be my idol businesswoman. I love the fact that she has built an empire of classy clothing and not wavered from her core ideologies that propagate free trade and organic fabrics.   

5. How does your personal taste and style reflect in your designs?
My individual style changes on a daily basis. Some days I tend to put on a more classic and clean look, some days I will go for bohemian chic. It all depends on my mood. But, I always like to add something unexpected to my outfit with color, draping or accessories. I like to have that element of surprise that really makes each outfit stand. I try to reflect this in my designs by juxtaposing structured silhouettes with irregular necklines, sharp pleats and soft drapes, and dark earth tones with warm fiery colors.

6. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 items, what would they be? 
My iPhone, Tarte lip gloss, and a sketch book with pencils.

7. What is next for Avni? 
I believe 2011 is going to be a big year for my brand. We are putting all our efforts toward really growing the wholesale market, and my vision is to see Avni in major boutiques in U.S by end of this year. We are also stepping up our efforts to reach our consumers with runway shows and trunk shows. I am also going to continue to add more textile arts under our umbrella- even go outside my Indian realm to work with other countries to uplift a variety of indigenous arts. I am also looking forward to continuously improving our green and sustainable methods in dyeing and fabric making. I have a lot of artisans who are very interested in natural dyeing and I think giving them the knowledge to do so will go a long way. 

8. Anything else you’d like to share?
Traditional textile industries that employ hundreds of artisans are slowly dying in India. This has caused many artisans to lose their livelihood, and there have been cases where many have committed suicide, as they are unable to deal with the stress. Our brand hopes to shed new light on their work through our designs and philosophy. We are striving to propagate these arts and economically uplift the lives of the artisans. 

Visit Avni for much more including her blog. 

Thanks to miamore communications for the photos.


London Calling

With all the hype surrounding next Friday's royal nuptials, I've been thinking a lot about London. London is the first European city I visited back in 2000 when my mom took me and my brother on a school vacation trip with our best family friends.  Sadly I don't have any of those pics to share because we didn't have a digital camera! Side note: isn't that amazing? SO much has changed technologically in 11 years... 

It's no surprise London is one of my favorite cities, as I have always been fascinated with the royal dynasty (esp the Tudors) and the history. It makes Boston's cobbled streets seem "brand new".  I would live there in  a second- though if Top Shop ever comes to Boston...perhaps not ;)

When I was abroad in 2006, during spring break, I went back for a quick 48 hours on layover to Tenerife.  In honor of William and Kate, here are some snapshots:
very important!
this means the Queen was in!
Does anyone else always think "you are Westminster crabby" from Friends when thinking of Westminster Abbey?

If you ever go to London, you must go to The Orangery for tea and scones. One of my top 10 fave meals, ever. 
Have you ever been to London?

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Create this look: Coachella Style Stars

Now on my bucket list: go to Coachella. If not for the music, but for the celeb siting and stye watching.  I am loving Kate Bosworth's all-American hippie and Diana Kruger's preppy hippie looks.  Here they are for less.

Who are you favorite Coachella style stars?

Blogging last year: Collage: yellow


Introducing 27 and 1 Dresses

A little over a week ago, I had an epiphany while blow-drying my hair. Random time to be thinking about my bridesmaid duties, I know, but I had spent the day Googling for wedding #3 and found nothing that was helpful for me.  It hit me: I needed to start a wedding blog just for bridesmaids. I could barely think of anything else. I kept stopping, my hair half dry/half wet, and running to my desk to scribble down notes-- blog name options, post titles, categories, etc.  

Less than 2 weeks later, I introduce to you-- 27 and 1 Dresses, a blog just for bridesmaids, with fashion inspiration, tips & tricks, etiquette, and more.

Check it out and send along to your bridesmaid friends.  Follow on Twitter too: @27and1dresses

Thanks for your support :)


Dip it real good

Lately, I've noticed everything is being this twist on the classic trench by Gryphon, or this added pizzazz to otherwise boring curtains by Anthropologie.  J.Crew is even in on it.  Yup, it's officially time to dip or d i ye.

PS: post title said/sang to the tune of Push It by Salt-n-Pepa, natch.


Friday Faves

Ode to Coachella @ Atlantic-Pacific
It's official- obsessed with this blog. Love this look!

Bright bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round @ Live Creatively Yourself
Such a clever post name, and I need me some bright pink bottoms!

DIY tiny Polaroid Magnets @ Creature Comforts
Very cool idea for a gift or for yourself. See how to here.

Nacho mac'n'cheese @ Val So Cal
Ya..there are no words, but yum!

Picnic inspiration @ Everything Fabulous
Pretty poppies- loving the cookies.

In the middle of trees @ sunnypeaches
I love trees like this...

TGIF- enjoy your weekend!  I have a 3-day weekend, as it's Patriot's Day aka Marathon Monday this Monday.  I will be at the Red Sox game- a much-looked-forward-to tradition for me and my friends.  :)

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