It's all about the foundation

I was never much of a liquid foundation person. I used Bare Minerals through high school and most of college, but the past couple of years have experimented with different powders, tinted moisturizers for summer (Laura Mercier is my fave), and now liquids.  As I get older (lol), my skin has been changing, and I've noticed a difference in needing a liquid for dryer, winter months.

My mom started using Givenchy's Photo'Perfexion, and when she bought a shade too light for her skin, I benefied and became hooked. I love the lightness, how it's fast absorbing, and it has a nice smell. Without a Sephora gift card, I really can't justify the price.  I recently tried Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation and am now hooked on a product for under $10! It seems nearly identical to me with a similar light coverage and smell.
Maybelline: $6 vs. Givenchy $47

What type of foundation do you use? What's your splurge and save?



  1. I'm on my 2nd bottle of the Givenchy foundation. Def pricey but totally worth it. :o) I'm really glad you found an inexpensive option and when my Photo'Perfexion runs out, I'm now tempted to save some cash and try Maybelline.

  2. NARS Sheer Glow and Make Up Forever HD are my two favorites right now!

  3. I am a Mac addict, so I obviously use Mac foundation, which I love. Recently, however, I've been using a Sephora tinted moisturizer with my Mac powder over it, and I love that too! But it does get pretty's easy to go wrong with foundation that's only $7, but if you say it works then I might need to try it!


  4. this is such a steal. i need a good foundation!

  5. good for you for cutting down on expenses. 47 bucks is a wee bit much for that. I have tried Maybelline Fit and I liked it but I ended up going back to a Loreal kind that I like just because I was used to it.

  6. I've been searching for the right foundation and can't seem to find one that fits my every request! I've settled on MAC for now but I might have to give the Maybelline a try.


  7. I use Clinique right now but looking to give MAC a try. Friends rave about it. I'm open to trying drug store brand but part of me is nervous about not liking it.


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