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My new beauty obsession is this amazing scrub I got for Christmas Bliss Super Minty Soap 'N Scrub
The smell is so minty and invigorating, and I love how the fine grains work into a lather. Highly recommend!
Bliss Super Minty Soap 'N Scrub

My friend Emily introduced me to this song, and I can't get enough of it! Hopefully the radio won't overplay.

This new app, GymPact, is my savior to keep me motivated and get to the gym!

Getting outfit inspiration from front row celebs, like Jessica Alba at Michael Kors and Maria Sharapova at Vera Wang--two favorites, at NYFW.
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What are you loving lately?



  1. Love jessicas looks .. and the music video is lovely! x

  2. I agree! The radio better not overplay that song because I'm still lovin it <3

  3. i'd love to try that face scrub.

  4. I LOVE Jessica Alba's dress! The color blocking is amazing. Also, I need to try that Bliss scrub

  5. My Fitness Pal is also another amazing app that keeps track of all the calories you've eaten for the day and any exercises you've done. I'm obsessed with it!

  6. I am going to have to check out that gym app! Just started working out again. Happy Friday!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  7. Australia radio has massacred the beautiful by gotye feat. Kimbra. But I still love it


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