So many Pins, so little time...

I consider my blog a fashion/lifestyle blog, as I post mostly about fashion, what's going on in my life, and fashion in my life.  I do incorporate some art, home decor, and recipe posts; variety is the spice of life, right?!  I, like many of you probably, am obsessed with Pinterest. As of this post, I have Pinned over 1700 images and liked over 200--and, I've only had this website in my life for less than one year.  

I find myself Pinning mostly recipes and home inspiration pictures. This is funny to me because 1) I am a terrible cook and 2) I don't own my own home.  So, this must be my subconscious searching for organization and inspiration for these exciting things to come in my life... a new home of my own and cooking edible recipes for myself and future family. 
So- so many Pins, so little time.  I am Pinning and Pinning, and sometimes go back to the recipes for attempting to cook and fashion Pins for daily inspiration, but there are hundreds of Pins I may not look at again.  Is it really all worth it? My time spent Pinning while watching TV, unwinding before bed, perusing on my iPhone during lunch hour?  

What do you think? Are you Pinterest obsessed, and do you think the time is well spent? What do you see Pinterest adding to our lives?  
So philosophical, I know. ;)

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  1. Hahah I love this. I actually don't think Pinterest is a waste of my time-- I find a ton of inspiration for my blog and everyday life on there and I've actually completed a handful of the projects I've pinned! But always room for improvement I suppose :)

  2. Good golly, you said it! It's obsessive how much time I spend on Pinterest, clearly we all need some help.
    It's inspiring but sometimes I feel overwhelming? I don't think this addiction is going away anytime, soon.

  3. Case in point, I clicked on your happy Pinterest button after leaving that comment. hahahahahahaha *HELP ME*

  4. It is so addicting. Of course then I freak out when I think of something I SHOULD have pinned. Ha.


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