Weekend Scenes: Syracuse

Standing in front of our senior year house
Hall of Languages
Dome sweet Dome

Dinner downtown

It was so nice to be back at my alma mater for a quick weekend trip to see 'Cuse basketball beat UConn at the Carrier Dome.  Highlights of the weekend included visiting our senior year house, having a "Dome dog", silly antics in the hotel room, and harmonizing Whitney Houston classics on the loooong ride home.



  1. You guys look so cute in all your Syracuse gear!!

  2. What fun! I had such a blast visiting Syracuse!

  3. What's a DOME dog? Looks like a fun time!

  4. awww I miss going to college sporting events. Those were some good times :)

    From Brooklyn with love,


  5. Brr. Looks cold but fun in the warmth of friends. My husband is freezing his butt off in Chicago right now and I'm warm and happy in FL! :)

  6. go cuse!! looks like and awesome weekend.

  7. aww, what a fun weekend trip down memory lane!! i haven't been back to visit my college in let's see... probably two and a half years now! i miss it!


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