Essentials: Katniss Everdeen

After seeing The Hunger Games on Thursday night, I am wrapped back up the series again.  The movie was really well-done (light years ahead of Twilight), and casting was spot on.  I loved Katniss's rugged look in District 12 and Cinna's styling for her in the arena.  Getting the look to translate to real life, can be easy with a few essentials:

If you're a really big fan, get the real deal mockingjay pin & replica jacket.

Did you see the movie this weekend? What'd you think?
top image via: AceShowBiz



  1. I didn't but I will go this weekend!!! Great pair-up here- though she looks all rugged and gorgeous and I'm not sure I would in the same fit.

  2. Oooh love this post I thought the move was so fantastic! Bad that I'm tempted to buy a mockingjay pin...??

  3. I loved the movie and she is so gorgeous!1

  4. Going to see the movie this weekend...I'm pretty excited about it. =)

  5. i'm really glad that the movie did justice to the book!=)

  6. I LOVED the movie. My husband said it was the best movie "of all the stupid movies I have dragged him to", which clearly says it all!

  7. So as someone who has read/ seen the movie, which do you recommend doing first, movie or books?


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