What I'm Wearing Wednesday: Blog Better Boston | #BBBos

Saturday was the Blog Better Boston Conference that I have been looking forward to since founders Alana & Amy announced it earlier this year. The day was full of actionable insights, networking & putting faces to blog names & Twitter handles, yummy food, and Tweeting (sorry for the overload!).

My outfit was inspired by this look, and here is how it turned out:

A few of my takeaways from the workshops & panels:
  • Be yourself and don't obsess too much over what other bloggers are doing.
  • Set goals long-term and short-term for yourself for time management (I set up a weekly Wednesday night blog time slot in my calendar- no TV/distractions allowed!)
  • When it comes to sponsored posts/working with brands, you know (and your readers know) when you've sold out.
  • Quality over quantity- readers, posts, etc.
  • Photo editing tip: Bring exposure down for counteracting a lot of sun/brightness (I used these to edit the pic above!).
  • One of the sessisions I missed was Google Analytics. Luckily, The Papa Post posted his slides for download.

And, in case you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram....
iPad, notebook, business cards--check!

Google chairs.

Designer Laura Preshong's table & some jewels.

My sweet, new sequined Red Sox hat courtesy of Roster Stores (thank you!).

Kicking off the day.

Francesca's bracelet & program guide.

DIY tote bags- so fun!

Sweet afternoon treat from Eventbrite.

Update: Saw this pic from Lindsay's Looks of me and Sarah of Blonde in Boston "Tweeting furiously" Ha! :)

Were you at Blog Better Boston?



  1. Don't apologize for the tweets because I loved them. Such great insights!

  2. You looked lovely! A blogggers conference is so what we need in London!

  3. OMG! I can't believe we both have business cards with vintage typewriters on them! Do you have one in real life? I've been asking my husband for one for years and he said he's tried to buy me one and they're like $400 for ones that don't even work lol. I don't even want to use it necessarily, but I kind of just want one for decoration.

    Sorry we didn't really meet in person, but I guess is such the life a blogger, because after reading your blog and knowing you were there, I feel like I did sort of meet you in a way lol!


  4. Nice recap Jamie! I wanted to go so much and was trying to have it paid for, it didn't work out though. I love those girls and wanted to support. Sad to have missed. Such a cute outfit and business card.

  5. Love your skirt!

    I am wearing:

    - vintage Holt Renfrew denim blazer with huge gold buttons
    - mint green blouse from Joules
    - dark blue denim shorts by Topshop
    - black tights and leggings from Wolford
    - "Betsy" multicolor polka dots sandals from Tabitha Simmons
    - polka dots leather bag by Comme de Garcons
    - Gucci bangle watch and ladybird necklace by Chanel
    - floral frames sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana


  6. awesome. That event sounds great and despite me likely being super awkward attending anything related to my Blog (I'm weird), that would be very cool to go!

    I agree about their points!I think the main key to blogging is to be yourself and make sure that you shine through in your posts. To me, above all, that is the most important. And I personally just like blogs that showcase a little about the author, once I feel like I know them- I like to see what they're up to on my own. Like, I've been reading you since 2009- so you don't have to ask me to visit your blog, I just will.

    And I see no problem with promoted posts and products once in awhile (even 2-3 a month is fine)... but when they become daily or weekly, I bum hard.

    and you look really pretty in your boston hat!

  7. Oooh such cute photos!! So fun getting to hang out with you there lady, must do it again soon! xx

  8. You look so cute! Love the bracelet. Is it still in stores?
    Looks like the event had a great turnout.
    I like the tips you posted--all are so true.
    Hope to see you soon at another Boston Bloggers social event :)

  9. I ALMOST went! So glad to see your recap. From what I've read, it looks like things went really well!

  10. that looks like such a great event... wish i could attend one of those one day!

  11. So bummed that our hello was SO BRIEF- but it was good to see you in passing!

    I want another EventBrite orange cupcake, stat...

  12. SUCH a fun day, the Roster swag was awesome. I'm obsessed with my t-shirt!

    Your blog is so cute, wish we had met. I'll try to keep up :)

  13. So great to see you at the conference and your support meant the world to me lady!


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