Friday Faves & LUNA Bar Giveaway Winners

Geode Street Art @ Jeannie Jeannie
It's crystalline art out of paper!

Loving long hair @ The Sweetest Occasion
Why did I cut mine again?

What up, Succa? @ Young House Love
The lazy woman's succulent gardening...right up my alley.

Pretty Little Things @ Sequins & Stripes
Because we all like just pretty, little things now and then, right?

Have a great holiday weekend, whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover. I will be doing both!

The winners of the LUNA Bar giveaway are:
#59: What Micky Eats & #33 Zaniah!  Congrats and email me with your mailing address--Thanks again to LUNA and to everyone who entered!



  1. love the succulents! happy Easter.

  2. Loving the hair photos! And that street art is pretty neat!

  3. loving that hair! oh my, I'm jealous. And congrats to the winners!

  4. I love the geode art! Hello from India darling!

  5. I finally have my bangs and long hair, and I'm already itching to cut it all off and grow out the bangs! The grass is always greener, isn't it? =)


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