Living Walls

Living walls are just amazing to me; and none so as much as ones used with succulents. These from Etsy site Tiffany's Living Art are gorgeous!  Since the are pre-made & unique, you get what you pay for, so I love the idea of this more affordable, mini living wall kit below from So Succulent.  Let's be honest, my green thumb isn't so green, so this really is right up my alley.

Then there's this uber amazing living wall I saw in Palm Beach...
Hipstamatic photo by me



  1. honey - we can make these...

  2. OK I think I may be obsessed with these! Love them!

  3. I actually really like this idea and I am going to check it out now. I could definitely use a couple of these in my home. great post jaime!

  4. In Toronto there was a living wall in The Robertson building on Spadina - love the idea,

  5. Wow those are gorgeous but I can't keep any flowers alive, I'd probably kill them too! But I do love them!

  6. Such a green and gorgeous way to decorate!


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