My Favorite Apps

As an iPhone and now iPad owner, I am always downloading new apps and love to read about others' favorites.  I thought I'd share mine, and please let me know yours! In no particular order...

  • Captio -The easiest way to send yourself an email.
  • VoxerA walkie-talkie app that I use with my roomies.
  • Traffic.comI always check the traffic before leaving work. It's very accurate.
  • ShazamThe easiest way to find out what that new song is on the radio.
  • InstagramThis is obvious. 
  • HipstamaticMy original favorite photo app. I love the vintage quality of the photos.
  • IMDBI watch the newest trailers and look up actors/actresses.
  • Comcast Xfinity TVYou can set your DVR from anywhere!
  • Spotify - This is my go-to for music listening these days.
  • Cuptakes (iPad too) - These aren't called "wallpapers for girly girls" for nothing.
  • SliceThis app organizes & tracks all of your online purchases, and alerts you of status & delivery.
  • FlipboardThe best way to view all my Twitter, Google Reader, Instagram, and other feeds.
  • Draw Something So fun, so addicting.
  • Words with Friends (iPhone too)--One of my favorite apps on both devices.
  • Read it Later | Pocket (iPhone too)--An easy way to remind yourself to read something.
  • The Collection - This app is for the New York Times fashion & style section and The Cut blog.
  • Kindle - I am not a fan of reading on my iPad, but when I forget my Kindle, this app comes in handy.
  • HBO GO--Love watching my favorite new and old HBO shows on this app while traveling.
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  1. thank you for this app list. and i'm pretty sure the girl on that card is me...but i'll have to try hipstamatic

  2. great list. I need an ipad so I can play draw something!

  3. bah, if only there was an app for housework!! and i love your favs list! i like the amazon app for all those times i'm out somewhere and have to make an online purchase immediately :) and the weather channel app, pandora, airline apps, fandango for checking movie times, definitely hipstamatic and instagram :) and how much fun is flipboard for the pad! i love it.

  4. Oooh thanks for sharing! I'll have to look into a bunch of those you've listed. I also like, Pandora (and Saavn for Indian music), and Flixter for movie reviews and of course the Pinterest app :)
    SomeEcards are the best, so hilarious.

  5. I'm not sure how I didn't realize there was a Comcast app! Now downloading. I also really love the picfx and pix apps, they have some great filters for photographs.


  6. I love that poster. Yes, why not?? I like Line so I can call friends and text them for free.

  7. oo nice list here, i want to explore the few I don't know!!!

    I love IMDB, I'm on it all the time- seriously, it's the best. I also love "hey tell" as my friend and I send each other voice chats all day.

  8. Great list! I love a lot of the same apps as well, but instead of Comcast, enjoy Dish Remote Access. Since I also have a Sling Adapter, I can use it to view all my shows from back home on my phone, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world, on top of managing and scheduling my DVR on the go. It definitely comes in quite handy when I’m away on business for my job at Dish, in addition to HBO GO and other entertainment apps. Thanks for sharing! :)


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