Spinach, Lentil, & Tomato Soup

My allergies last week were getting the best of me, and despite the nearly 70 degree weather,Thursday night after work, I just wanted soup.  I had Pinned this recipe long ago and it seemed easy to make after work.  I decided to use lentils, instead of orzo, and rosemary diced tomatoes, instead of oregano.  After 30-40 minutes, my soup was ready, and with a toasted piece of fresh sour dough, it was just what the doctor ordered.  I am already thinking of trying it next time with cannellini beans and a fennel roasted diced tomatoes.



  1. Sometimes it doesn't matter how hot it is or what time of year. Soup warms the soul and it's just what we need.

    A Refreshed Take Off

  2. I agree with Kalya and was just going to leave the same comment! sometimes you just need soup!!

  3. I've been sick too; and still haven't fully recovered, and had home-made soup as well, so totally what the doc ordered.

  4. yum, that sounds and looks great. I think I would keep it with the orzo just because I LOVE orzo but other than that, sounds delicious. It's been super hot here so I don't want to think about soup BUT as the rain always returns here, I'll definitely keep that in mind for one of those days.

    I hope your allergies are better!

  5. ahhh... this looks so yummy! i wish i got to eat this when i was sick from the cold last week!

  6. I love love love a hot bowl of soup. But then again I'd eat a bowl of warm bath water if it came with a chunk of crusty bread :) I like your substitutions, looks delicious.

  7. That sounds delish! I love fennel so you should definitely add that next time...for me.

  8. interesting combination of ingredients, Im not a massive soup fan but I like orzo!


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