Friday Faves

Glowing text installations @ Because I'm Addicted
Really cool; click the link for more.

Reader's home @ Desire to Inspire
The most amazing Swedish home - for sale!

Beachy Keen Guest Dessert @ Sweet Designs: Amy Atlas Blog
How cute & clever are these?!

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding Shoot @ Style Me Pretty
So excited to see my Boston blogger friends in this beautiful shoot!

I am off to Rochester to celebrate Memorial Day and enjoy summer weather - have a great long weekend!



  1. I love Swedish homes, they look so amazing, I know a lot is down to styling but he features are pretty amazing too, like the white floors!

  2. happy long weekend!love that wedding inspiration.

  3. Gorgeous, Jaime! I really love that Great Gatsby wedding shoot! Happy weekend xo

  4. those text installations are amazing... have an amazing weekend!

  5. A Great Gatsby style wedding sounds like a dream! How lovely would that be?!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)


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