Weekend Scenes: Memorial Day

The drive to western New York.
Grandma Recktenwald's bacon grease in a jar makes the best eggs.
Late night eats at the truck stop.
"The falls."
Pudding shots = genius.
Enjoying the bonfire. 
Camping out. 
Sweet baby Rylee.
I can die happy.

 It was a fun weekend in the country! My iPhone was a casualty of the weekend, so most of my photos are lost. Luckily, I did upload some to Instagram before the incident in the waterfall...  Most of these pics were taken with the Hipstamatic Disposable app; if you have the iPhone, it's a cool photo app to download.



  1. I'm with Jane - Rylee is adorable! It looks like you had a wonderful Memorial day!

  2. What a fun weekend, Jaime! The bacon grease intrigues me! Must find out more about this! xo

  3. oh that looks so fun!!! i love it. i loved seeing some of these on instagram. and it's so weird how bacon grease does do wonders... so disgusting but for all the right reasons.

  4. i want that pudding shot.

    sorry about your phone :(

  5. I need one of those pudding shots! YUM.



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